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The Pan Minosaur is a Pan-themed Minosaur created by the Druidon Tribe from the negative emotions of DON Jiro, a star of "Magnets, Attractions, and Talents" experimental videos, based on his anger over his lover Aki breaking up with him for someone else and is the main antagonist in episode 15 and minor antagonist in episode 35 of 2019 TV series called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


The Pan Minosaur made its first appearance in the same room where's it host uploads his video online which is about magnetism. It then started causing mayhem by using its magnetic ability on a couple of citizens just by using Repel and Attract.

The second time he used this ability was on a mother and daughter and he has some help from the Drunn Soldiers, but he was attacked by the Ryusoulgers however he used the repel on the team sending 4 members flying away from Koh where they end up on different islands of Japan.

The 2 rangers chased the Pan Minosaur to the harbor, where they got it cornered but Kureon was using Oto as a hostage to prevent the two from attacking the Pan Minosaurs and do to more pain that the Drunn Soldiers gave to the host the minosaur itself has grown to giant size. However due Canalo's quick thinking he used CoilSoul and ElectricSoul on the main Megazord to become an electromagnetic which counteracts the Repel from the Pan Minosaur, and once the Ryusoulgers sliced the horns off of Pan Minosaur's head his ability to repel and attract was nullified and it was then destroyed by MosaRex.

In episode 35 the Pan Minosaur made its second appearance alongside the Kraken Minosaur as an obstacle for Bamba to complete his trial.


  • The Pan Minosaur's powers and strategy are similar to Jishakuloid from 2012 TV series Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.
  • The Pan Minosaur design bear some similarities to the Cow-Type All-Purpose Weapon Zero from 2017 TV series called Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.


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