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Oil, lah! More oil than any reserve on the whole planet. I am going to control the whole world.
~ Pandak "Baby" Panay revealing his plans

Pandak "Baby" Panay is the main antagonist in the 2010 video game Just Cause 2. He is the dictator of the island nation of Panau, ruling the country with an iron fist prior to Rico Rodriguez's intervention amid his short stature, and having a large array of military soldiers at his disposal. He had also armed with nuclear missiles as a last disposal in an attempt to completely destroy both the foreign armies and possibly his own citizens in Panau.

Pandak Panay's voice actor is never credited in the game, leaving the person behind the voices of the character completely unknown.


Ruling Panau

Pandak was born in Panau's village Kuala Cherah, and was described as an "unremarkable" man, due to him not being an initial threat until years later. After intentionally killing his own father, Papa Panday, with a car bomb (though it is rumored to be speculative), he became the new ruler of Panau, taking full control of the country with an iron fist.

As a result, he has vast amount of resources, including his wide array of army, including ninjas despite being a native Panauan.

Confronting Rico


Final Battle and Death



Despite his obviously short stature, Pandak is shown to be a ruthless dictator, ruling his island nation with an iron fist and stripping any all form of freedom of speech from his own citizens. And those who oppose him are often met with torture, which almost always results in murdering them outright and silencing them from exposing his treacherous acts. He was also shown to be incredibly distasteful towards his own father, and his death led to Pandak to completely take over the nation for himself.

He is also shown to express no concern of his own citizens when things don't go his way, going as far as to launch nuclear missiles with the intent of annihilating not only the foreign armies, but also wiping out his own citizens, especially if it means taking them with him for being exposed of what he really is: a genocidal terrorist bent on destroying his own nation in order to cover up his atrocities.

Although he is obviously short, Pandak is also proven a deadly fighter, having shown to survive numerous injuries prior to his demise; he was also capable of fighting Rico Rodriguez, using his short stature to his advantage and fend him off. He was also capable of riding onto one of the missiles and firing his assault rifle with excellent accuracy without ever falling off.

Presidential Policies

His presidential policies comes as follows from his brutal nature:

Civil Rights


  • Pandak means "short" in Tagalog, which is befitting for his miniaturized stature.
  • Despite his death, he does play a prominent role when he was mentioned by the Black Hand in Just Cause 4, with Gabriella telling Rico that he was considered a major threat for disposing many heads of the states over the course of his career. And the image of Panau was also shown.
    • Furthermore, while the Black Hand was never involved with Pandak, the organization was fully aware of Rico's involvement from Just Cause 2, which may indicate that Pandak was once associated with the Black Hand during his time in ruling his island nation of Panau.
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