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I could really use some coffee. I'm not myself without it.
~ Pandemonica
Keep it up and you might still survive the day with no fingers broken.
~ Pandemonica after obtaining her coffee.

Pandemonica is a minor antagonist in Helltaker. The female demon that the titular Helltaker encountered in the first stage to obtain his demon harem, Pandemonica is a secretary working for the customer service in Hell while having a moniker of The Tired Demon. She also ended up becoming the first demon to join Helltaker's harem at the end of the day.


Pandemonica normally appears as a tired looking demon with a bit of an eye-bags, a tired face and white shaggy hair. This makes sense as she is rather tired from her own job and desperately needed a caffeine to strengthen her mood. In addition, she also wears a rounded glasses, a black secretary suit with red shirt tucked inside the suit, a black glove and also having two little horns on top of her head and a tail. She also carries a notepad and also have a secretary card hanging around her neck. By the time the players reach the end of the game and give her desired drink, Pandemonica sports a rather sinister grin on her face, and her horns become much bigger.


Most of the time, Pandemonica appears as a rather fatigued demon with a professional attitude when doing her job. Evidenced by the fact that during the comics, she keeps herself to be as dedicated as possible even during the night in her job as Hell's Customer Service that were quite busy even after joining Helltaker's harem which causes her to be fatigued in the end. In addition, Pandemonica also express a rather honorable side to her as she helps the Helltaker by giving him useful advice to play the game, apologizing for Modeus' rudeness or at the very least, attempts to stop his plans to kill himself.

Despite this however, Pandemonica herself also shown a bit of ruthlessness as she has no hesitation to kill the Helltaker should he decide to do something stupid, evidenced when she kills him with professional gentleness due to his overconfidence that he could escape Hell alongside Pandemonica. Her ruthlessness is actually the foreshadowing of her true nature: After she gain a coffee, she then reverts into her true personality which is revealed to be a sadistic person who has no hesitation to hurt whoever displeases her, shown when she threatens the Helltaker by attempting to break his fingers at the end of the game if she brews the coffee wrong. In spite of this however, Pandemonica still shown her gentle side in the comics when she visits the cafe run by a gentle old man despite getting a coffee would revert to her sadistic behavior, something Pandemonica attempts to reject towards Azazel to the point she confiscate Azazel's research after tapping her daily activities in secret.


Pandemonica appears in the first stage on the game while still doing her job as Hell's Customer Service, asking on how she could serve the Helltaker who went to Hell in order to obtain the demon girls. If he says they "can figure something out at [his] place", she then kills him by snapping his neck with professional gentleness, since she perceives the Helltaker as a delusional man who is unable to escape Hell.

However, if the Helltaker suggests he could serve her instead, Pandemonica thanks him and decides to join his personal harem so that he could give her some coffee due to the grueling work she had committed herself into while claiming that she isn't herself without her coffee.

Throughout the game, Pandemonica mostly plays minor roles although she does occasionally give some decent advice for Helltaker, such as by saying if he runs out of turns in the game known as "Will", he would die and also said that the Helltaker needs to avoid some spikes. If he decides to give her a score below ten, she'd just thank him but becomes very surprised if he rates her a ten, as Pandemonica has never been rated that high before. In addition, she also apologizes for Modeus' rude actions because most demons like her had a lust for sin as it's running in their blood, while most of them are having a hard time to keep in check. In addition, Pandemonica also advises the Helltaker not kick too much on the skeletons.

During Stages 4 through Stage 6, when asked for advice, Pandemonica mostly suspects the Helltaker just wanted to have a nice chat with her. Despite this, she also shows a bit of an honorable side as she attempts to stop him from killing the demon sisters, Malina and Zdrada, who are bickering with each other and tells him that he'll get use to it sooner or later. In the potential bad ending in Stage 6, Pandemonica attempts to stop the Helltaker's suicidal plan of stepping on the spikes due to Zdrada's advice to no avail.

Towards the end of the game, as the Helltaker and his brand new companions that he made in Hell successfully return home, Pandemonica then obtains the coffee just as she wished. However, as a result, Pandemonica's personality suddenly shifts and changed her for the worse. It was soon revealed that after gaining her coffee, Pandemonica changed her moniker from "The Tired Demon" to "The Sadistic Demon". Her sadistic personality was shown as after the Helltaker gave her coffee, she has no hesitation to threatening him by breaking his fingers if he brews the coffee wrong and complimented his current attempt at brewing coffee.

Although she reverts to her sadistic form, it is shown in the comics that according to Azazel, Pandemonica still has a soft side towards the old man who runs a cafe to the point Azazel suspected that an actual high quality coffee would trigger Pandemoncia's tame personality, something Pandemonica attempts to deny to the point she confiscates her own research to hide the embarrassment that she has. At one point in the comics, it is heavily implied that she disciplines Zdrada shown by Zdrada ended up smoking near the window where Pandemonica sat besides Helltaker and seemingly scared towards her.



  • Pandemonica's name comes from Pandæmonium, the capital of Hell in Paradise Lost, which is an epic poem created by John Milton about the fall of man and based itself on the bible. Her name makes sense as she is one of the denizens from Hell and is the first person you encountered when entering Hell itself.
  • According to the creator of the game, Vanripper, Pandemonica's personality traits are among of his favorite due to how archaic yet elegant she is.

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