Pandergast as he appears in Skylanders: Superchargers.

And now presenting, the prince of pontification, the sultan of swagger, the reigning hoopla of all hucksters... ME! PANDERGAST!
~ Pandergast subtly introducing himself.

Pandergast is a neutral character introduced in Skylanders: Superchargers. He's a minor character in the mainstream console versions of the game. In Skylanders: Superchargers Racing for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS, he is the announcer for the races.

He is voiced by Max Mittelman.

Role in the Games


Pandergast is introduced early on into the game. His primary purpose in the game is to serve as the host for the racing modes. It isn't until the tenth level of the game where he's portrayed more antagonistically, where he holds Glumshanks hostage as a reward to anyone who can win his Rideocalypse Demolition Derby.

Superchargers Racing

Pandergast is the host of the racing show "Race-Landia Wrap-up". He announces that the first place grand prize is The Snow Globe of Destiny; a magical orb that grants one wish. Before and after cups, he talks about the show, has an interview with Flynn, then later Kaos. During the final race, Kaos takes control of his airship and uses it to attempt to shoot down the Skylander. When the airship is shot down by the Skylander, Kaos looks for his parachute, only to find that Pandergast as taken it and left. Pandergast later awards the Snow Globe of Destiny to the Portal Master, before Flynn quickly wishes for a giant enchilada, before thinking its fake. Pandergast gets nervous at this point and awkwardly leaves. Then a giant enchilada really does fall from the sky.

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