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The Pandora's Guardian, also known as the Hades' Minotaur, is a minor antagonist as well as one of the bosses in the video game God of War. It is one of the Guardians in Pardora's Temple.


The Pandora's Guardian is a 20 foot tall undead minotaur. It wears armor to protect itself. When the armor is destroyed, the Minotaur is skinny, fleshless and undead.


When Kratos was searching for Pandora's Box, he had to pass three challenging, complicated and deadly tests. After Kratos manage to unlock the door to complete the final test on the lower level, he eventually encounters the Pandora's Guardian, which was a twenty foot, undead minotaur wearing a near impregnable armor. After emerging from the door, the guardian immediately attacks Kratos. It attacks Kratos by ramming into him, swinging it's large arms around and attempts to engulf the Ghost of Spaarta in lava. When Kratos attacks The Guardian, steam starts to come out of the armor. When all six of the holes are spewing out steam, Kratos wraps the Blades of Chaos onto the Guardian and slams down the Minotaur, temporarily knocking it out. Kratos then proceeds by shooting a flaming spear into the Guardian.

The Guardian's death

Kratos does this several times, until the Guardian's armor and helmet fall off. By doing so, the Guardian becomes vulnerable to Kratos' Blades. After Kratos successfully stuns the Guardian, he processes by shooting out a flaming spear one more time. The spear rams into the Guardian's chest, killing it, but also forcing it to kick a hole on the door so Kratos can pass through.


  • The skeleton of Hades Minotaur is seen in the throne room of the God of War.
  • The Hades Minotaur is one of the few bosses that begins to decay and rot when it dies.


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