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Pandora is the final boss of Revelations: Persona and its PSP remake Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. She also appears in the Manga adaptation of the game.

Pandora is a physical representation of Maki Sonomora's nihilism, which was created due to Takahisa Kandori's death. Afterwards, she stole the DEVA System's core, a device capable of destroying existence itself, or at least the world. When confronted by the party at the end of the Avidya World, the delusion realm, Pandora yells at the party, saying how existence is worthless, and how it is her wish for everything to disappear. After her defeat, she asks how she was able to be defeated, and she is told it is due to the bonds the party forged throughout their journey together.

She appears as an abominable amalgamation of several arms and legs, all seemingly drained of blood and life. Her neck is long, and by viewing her sprite, it appears as though her spine is severely poking through the flesh. Her face is normal, with the exception of having a butt on the top half, along with a long, pointed tongue. As if this wasn't enough, she has a large, red, phallic mass growing out of her abdomen, with Maki's expressionless face as it's head. When shifting into her final form, the mass retreats within her, and the body is revealed to have been a cocoon for her real appearance: a beautiful humanoid butterfly with (presumably) Maki's face.

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