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Keh heh heh.
~ Paper Kamek's signature laugh.

Kamek, commonly called Paper Kamek by fans to differentiate him from his mainstream counterpart, is a major antagonist of the Paper Mario franchise. He is a high-ranking Magikoopa and second in command to Paper Bowser.

Paper Kamek serves as a major antagonist of Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam , a supporting antagonist in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and one of the supporting characters in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Like his mainstream counterpart, Paper Kamek is voiced by Atsushi Masaki but he only provides loud shrieks and screams in-line with mainline Kamek.



Paper Kamek's past is unknown as he is only seen from Sticker Star onwards and what he was doing prior to that is unknown. Given the existence of Kammy Koopa in previous games, it is not even clear if he raised Bowser in this version. Kamek did seem however to have either joined the Koopa Troop very recently by the time of the game or just started to get involved in Bowser's schemes since he had yet to meet Mario by this point.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Once Bowser attacked Decalburg on the night of the Sticker Fest, he accidentally gained access to the Golden Royal Sticker and stole the rest to equip his minions with. He sent Paper Kamek to destroy or at least hinder Mario until he could fully conquer the kingdom. He is first found chasing after a Toad in Water's Edge Way to try and find a "sticker related item" (which turned out to be a page for Mario's sticker book). He then finds both Mario waiting for him on a bridge and has apparently never met him before so introduces himself before flying into Mario for a boss battle to try and get him out of the way as soon as possible. However, even though he summons Goombas to aid him in battle, Mario is easily able to defeat Paper Kamek with jump attacks. Paper Kamek concedes his defeat and even admits his surprise at his defeat but Paperizes like Mario can do and dares Mario to catch it. He dares Mario to catch it in mid-air but throws it way too high for him to do so and it flies away into an underwater cave. Thinking Mario utterly trapped and unable to proceed, Paper Kamek flies away to continue his plans. After leaving Mario, Paper Kamek takes the Yellow Royal Sticker and attaches it to a Pokey in Dry Dry Desert to create the Tower Power Pokey before using his magic to collapse Drybake Stadium into the ground and separates all of the pieces. Paper Kamek then watches over the second piece of the Tablet to unlock Drybake Stadium as it sits in a chest on the tongue of Yoshi Sphinx. He eventually encounters Mario again when he falls out of the Sphinx's eyes and admits how impressed he is at Mario getting up there (although this is presumed to be insincere and is said sarcastically). Mario's partner Kersti accuses him of being there for evil and Kamek accuses them of being the real villains before he decides to try and do him in again so fires a magical blast to start the battle. This time, he decides to "even the odds" and uses his magic to transform all of Mario's stickers into nearly harmless flip=flops which Kersti objects to but Kamek doesn't care. Despite this admittedly clever mood, Kamek's arrogance leads him to fly to the ground every two moves which allows Mario to batter him into submission with the flip-flops. Even after his defeat, Kamek realizes that Kersti must be giving him these sticker based abilities and admits that this will make things more fun before flying off.

Much later, when Wiggler manages to make their way to the his house and reach the very top, Paper Kamek summons Bloopers which rip apart Wiggler after a spell from Kamek grants sentience to all of his segments. Kamek then reveals himself and reveals that this was an intentional sabotage of Mario to stop him from reaching Gooper Blooper's island via Whitecap Beach since Mario would need his help to cross the poison covered ocean. As the segments escape, Paper Kamek leaves and goes to the Enigmansion where he has heard about a strange book of stickers and discovers the Book of Sealing on a podium in the basement. Using his magic, he unleashes an army of Boos from it and hangs around until Mario's inevitable arrival. Once they arrive and return the Book of Sealing, Kamek appears from hiding and reveals himself as the mastermind behind the breakout. After taking an insult as a compliment, Kamek unleashes the Big Boo to try and kill Mario before leaving on foot but Mario was soon able to seal it away for good. Kamek then disappears until the very end of the game where he becomes the game's penultimate boss.

Once Mario defeats Bowser Jr on his flotilla and enters Bowser's Sky Castle, Kamek confronts Mario at the end of the entry hallway. Cutting off the way forward, Paper Kamek forces Mario into a final climactic battle against all odds. Once again, Kamek turns all of Mario's Stickers into flip-flops but this time triplicates himself for three times the power. Even so, Mario is swiftly able to beat Kamek to death with his flip-flop since Kamek's arrogance leads him to fly to the ground every two moves once again. Apparently mortally wounded, Paper Kamek admits defeat and admits their power but declares that Bowser will kill them! He proceeds to scream that at the heroes but turns to ash before he can finish the third. However, as revealed at the end of the game, Paper Kamek somehow survives this fate and reforms since he is last seen flying in front of Bowser's Sticker Fest float.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Kamek is a somewhat recurring character but far less so than in Sticker Star. At Port Prisma on Prism Island, Bowser tries to make his shell rainbow coloured but instead was covered in malevolent Black Paint which possesses him and spreads across the island. It also turns him into Black Bowser. He brings Bowser's Castle to Prism Island before he snatches and throws away the Big Paint Stars from Prism Island, draining the color. He then sends the Koopalings and Kamek off onto the Island to find the Paint Stars and hide them away from Mario. Paper Kamek is first seen when he arrives in a battle between Mario and some Goombas and is surprised to see him but soon joins the battle. After deciding not to waste his time, Paper Kamek messes around with Mario's cards before leaving. From that point onwards, Paper Kamek can appear multiple times throughout random battles in the game and does the same things to complicate matters. Later, Paper Kamek visits the Mondo Woods where his magic enlarges the army of Bowser's minions in the forest to try and kill Mario. Kamek is seen enlarging a random Goomba under a pathway to make it impassable for Mario before leaving in evil glee.

The last scripted appearance of Paper Kamek is in the Sacred Woods where he does the opposite and shrinks the minions. Upon being confronted by Mario, Kamek shrinks down Mario to miniature size and severely weaken his defenses. Every time that twenty five percent of his health is lost, Kamek messes with his cards severely around halfway through the battle but Mario is still able to defeat Kamek. Humiliated, Kamek is utterly shocked at his own demise but decides to make Mario giant and cripple him from moving effectively. However, since he is very weak, he ends up shrinking himself instead at which point he gives up his cards and explodes. Paper Kamek isn't seen again after this (even in random battles) but, since he appears in the following two games, presumably returns to the Koopa Kingdom with the de-possessed Bowser later on.


Paper Kamek shared a very similar personality with his mainstream counterpart, being violent but very intelligent and completely devoted to Bowser and risked his life multiple times to try and stop Mario from stopping him. Paper Kamek is the kind of villain to speechify (to the point that basically all of his lines in Sticker Star is a soliloquy) and always try and have the last word in a conversation. Despite being utterly batty, Paper Kamek always kept up a façade of overly posh and polite with a habit of using fancy words like "lawdy" to try and sound sophisticated. Paper Kamek was absolutely sure of his power until the very end of Sticker Star, always assuming that Mario would be stomped flat without Kersti. At the end of Sticker Star however, he admits their strength although he is confident that they will be helpless against Mario. Although overly confident to the point of arrogance, Paper Kamek would concede defeat and admit when he was beaten after seen after his first encounter with Mario. Paper Kamek was a crotchety old man as well as seen with the Wiggler segments where he reminisced about the joys of childhood.

On the other hand, Paper Kamek was extremely polite to women as seen with Kersti who he often called "my lady" but dropped that all together by the time of his final battle. By the time of Color Splash, Kamek has mellowed out significantly though his sarcastic and false polite demeanor remain. Instead of screaming and yelling at Mario, he speaks far more calmly and peacefully. When confronted by the cannon version of Kamek, he became very competitive and spent much of his screen-time arguing with non-Paper Kamek over petty matters until eventually exploding with anger after being defeated.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power: Paper Kamek is the most powerful Magikoopa of them all and the most powerful of Bowser's minions who is only surpassed in his power by the Bowsers themselves and Scissors (who defeated Kamek and cut him apart).
  • Genius: Paper Kamek possesses genius level intellect at least on par with Toadette, being able to recognize potential future dangers (such as Wiggler) and work with normal Kamek to create giant sized Papercrafts.
  • Durability: Paper Kamek has been stamped on several times, slapped dozens of times by flip-flops, disintegrated, blown up three times by Bomb Buds, and tossed into a lava pit by Paper Macho Goombas and survived every time.
    • Reformation: Paper Kamek turns to dust upon his defeat in Sticker Star but returns alive for the post-game parade.
  • Flight: Paper Kamek has enchanted his broomstick to allow him to fly on it.
    • Ground Dodge: Paper Kamek was able to avoid all ground based attacks (such as Hammers and the various Flowers littered through the game) by flying above the attack radius.
  • Minion Summoning: Paper Kamek was able to summon Goombas to aid him during his first boss battle in Sticker Star.
  • Sixth Sense: Paper Kamek was able to just sense the correct way through the Spring of Jungle Mist.
  • Paperization: Kamek was able to pull out his wand and flash it which would allow him to Paperize and steal a Comet Piece.
  • Magic: Paper Kamek was an incredibly skilled magician and the greatest in the entire Koopa Troop aside from perhaps Bowser himself. He focused it through his signature wand.
    • Comet Star Banishing: Paper Kamek was able to Paperize and fire a blue star shaped blast at the Comet Piece to steal it.
    • Sticker Transformation: Paper Kamek was able to levitate Mario's sticker book into the air and then fire a multi-shaped magic blast to transform all of Mario's stickers into flip-flops.
    • Sentience Casting: Paper Kamek was able to charge up his wand and fire a blue star tipped energy beam from the tip that granted sentience to Wiggler's segments.
    • Monster Unleashing: Paper Kamek was able to twirl his wand in the air and fire a blue star shaped blast that threw open the Book of Sealing and unleashed the Big Boo.
    • Teleportation: Paper Kamek can teleport to any location at will in a puff of smoke and energy shapes. He only did this once before his final battle in Sticker Star.
    • Duplication: Paper Kamek is able to shine the jewel on his staff to generate two duplicates of himself to make it harder for him to be defeated.
    • Sticker Vaporizing: Paper Kamek is able to shine the jewel on his staff to obliterate random stickers from Mario's sticker book.
    • Card Cursing: Paper Kamek could use his magic wand to curse Mario's stickers for a variety of effects. For example, he can turn the faces of all the cards around, making all of the cards worn-out and leaving them unplayable taking all but six of the player's cards, or changing all of the player's cards.
      • Battle Spin Disabling: Paper Kamek's curse also prevented Mario from using his Battle Spinner and thus prevented him from using more than one card per move.
    • Enlargement: Paper Kamek was able to enlarge minions to giant size by firing a blue multi-shaped blast at them.
      • Shrinking: Paper Kamek was also able to twirl his wand around in the air to summon a grey-yellow energy sphere that Kamek fired at Mario to make him shrink.
  • Folding: Paper Kamek is able to fold himself flat enough to fit between a wall and a gigantic barrel of (presumably) beer which was about an inch wide.


  • Wand: Paper Kamek's main weapon is a large brown wand with a red jewel at the top from which he could channel his magic.
    • Magic Blasts: Paper Kamek could fire a multi-shaped blast at the Mario Bros.
    • Levitation: Paper Kamek was able to twirl his wand around in an invisible circle to keep the Comet Star Piece levitating above it.
    • Broom Summoning: Paper Kamek was able to twirl his wand around in the air to summon his broom in a poof of smoke.
  • Broom: Paper Kamek is almost always seen on his broomstick which allows him to fly and he can bash his enemies over the head with it.
  • Papercraft Kamek: Paper Kamek was able to empower his Papercraft Kamek to try and defeat Papercraft Luigi but it was swiftly destroyed.


  • Cockiness: Paper Kamek was overly cocky and arrogant which led multiple times to his defeat such as in Sticker Star where he was so confident in his invincibility during his last battle that he happily flew low to the ground where Mario could hit him with flip-flops.
  • Rivalry With Kamek: Paper Kamek and canon Kamek spent a lot of time bickering and arguing which proved to be their undoing. They spent so much time arguing after being defeated in their final battle that Mario and Luigi were able to stamp on them and make them explode.


Sticker Star

Hmm... Where'd you go, little Toadie? You litte scamp... Hiding something good in your pocket even when I ask ever so politely to have a look at it. Very suspicious, indeed. I imagine it's something quite rare.. and something to do with stickers. I'm afraid I will obliged to relieve you of it and report you to Master Bowser!
~ Paper Kamek's first words from off-screen when searching for a Toad in Water's Edge Way.
Oh my, and who could this be? If it isn't little Mario! Keh heh heh... That little incident at the Sticker Fest has gotten you on the move, has it? How lovely for us all. You know, when I think "little" Mario, I think "Bowser's perpetual enemy." Which makes me YOUR enemy! Yes... Well, this seems rather rude since we've only just met, but... Let's get you out of the way quickly, shall we? Prepare for ruin!
~ Paper Kamek when meeting Mario for the first time and starting his first boss battle.
Hmm...You're as good as they say. I can't believe I lost to you. It really makes a fellow feel nasty, and when I feel nasty, I feel like DOING something nasty like... THIS!
~ Paper Kamek upon his initial defeat.
Ka ha ha! You didn't want to collect this Comet Piece, did you? Oh my, how utterly rude of me. Please, by all means. Catch!
~ Paper Kamek upon stealing away the Comet Piece.
Oopsie, did it just fly off somewhere? Oh dear. But I told you to catch it, didn't I? And you failed. Ka ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well. Best of luck!
~ Paper Kamek after discarding the Comet Piece.
Goodness me, Mario! You made it all the way up to the tip of this tongue! You impress me. You really do!
~ Paper Kamek when confronted by Mario at Yoshi Sphinx.
Good heavens. "No good scheme"? That sounds so tawdry. Besides, from where I'm standing toots, you two are the villains. After all, you're plaguing me at every turn. Anyway...Kersti, was it? You're delightfully shiny, my dear. Might I presume that you're from the Sticker Star? Keh heh heh. Of course you are. How interesting. But interesting as you may be, I'd very much appreciate it if you and your tragically fragile made like a ticker tape and scattered in the wind.
~ Paper Kamek when Kersti accused him of being there for less than humble reasons and starting his second boss battle.
Oh my, this IS an exceptional place to do battle, isn't it? I'd say that calls for additional spice, wouldn't you?
~ Paper Kamek before transforming Mario's stickers into flip-flops for the first time.
Keh heh heh... Ooh, just look at your powerful arsenals of stickers... I'm ever so scared. Who could stand in the face of such a mighty array of casual footwear? I daresay I might even loose this time. Ka ha ha!
~ Paper Kamek upon transforming Mario's stickers into flip-flops.
Keh heh heh... Ah, the great Mario... Fighting bravely to the end, unbowed by my mighty magic... So brave! So very impressive! Of course, it's not really you is it? No, I know full well that your little friend Kersti is providing you will all sorts of sticker power. Keh heh heh... It seems that things have suddenly gotten interesting. I do look forward to our next contest. Until we meet again!
~ Kamek upon his second defeat.
Ahhh. I've been searching high and low for you, my naughty little caterpillar. Yes, indeed. I've very much been hoping to meet you. In fact, I came all the way out to your house expressly to see you. But, alas, you weren't home. No, instead, you've been at the forest entrance planning some sort of mischief with Mario and his friend.
~ Kamek when confronting Wiggler.
Keh heh heh... Oh, please. Simply by being here, you're causing all sorts of problems. So I'm going to show you a bit of magic. Yes... Very amusing magic. I think you're going to enjoy this, little Wiggler. Ka ha ha!
~ Paper Kamek when Wiggler told him that he just wanted to munch on leaves.
Kwaaa ha ha! Oh, you all look as though you're having such FUN now that you're free! Ah children - so bold, so mischievous. Outside, kiddies, go outside and play some games! You know, hide-and-seek, kick-the-Goomba - that sort of thing.
~ Paper Kamek after splitting Wiggler apart.
Ah. That's better, isn't it? You know, I envy you, getting to play your whole lie away. In any case, I'm off! Toodal-oo!
~ Kamek once the Segments left.
Mmmm... Well done. Finding all those naughty Boos... You're as diligent as ever, Mario.
~ Paper Kamek when confronting Mario and Kersti in the basement of the Enigmansion.
Keh heh heh... Ah, Mrs. Kersti... Just as sharp as ever. Indeed, I heard there was an old book of stickers somewhere in this mansion, so I searched high and low. In time, I found this delightful tome and crashed it open, and lo and behold! All of those Boos came flying out. Then you two showed up and embarked on your nice game of hide and seek. I simply had to stop and watch. I must admit, it was truly wonderful watching you two desperately searching all over the place. Kah ha ha!
~ Paper Kamek when Kersti realized that he was behind the Boos escaping the Book of Sealing.
Keh heh heh... Why thank you, my dear. What a lovely compliment. Even so, a book of a hundred Boos sealed within most hold some extreme power, wouldn't you think? And since you went to all that trouble to complete such an important piece of literature... Let's turn things up another notch, shall we?
~ Paper Kamek after Kersti called him nasty.
Keh heh heh... I'm sure you'll have a fun time playing with that massive Boo thing, won't you? Yes... Well then, I must be going.
~ Paper Kamek after unleashing the Big Boo from the Book of Sealing.
Well, well, well. Very impressive. You two somehow managed to make it all the way here. Eventually.
~ Paper Kamek when confronting Mario in Bowser's Sky Castle.
You're quite right about that, my dear. Now that you've come all this way, neither of us can back down. No...
~ Paper Kamek when Kersti declared that this was the end.
The time for boasting is long past. Let's just fight it out until one of us falls. What do you say? Yes? Then let's go.
~ Paper Kamek starting his final battle.
Ah... I almost forgot. Before we get started with the fighting, let me do that one little thing...
~ Paper Kamek before transforming Mario's stickers into flip-flops for the second time.
What?! You're just a sad little sticker from the Sticker Star... You're useless without your little stickers! I'll tell you what, toots! Why don't you just flap there in the breeze while you watch me trounce Mario, hmmm?
~ Paper Kamek after Kersti told Mario to defeat him despite the handicap.
It's all clear to me now. It's no accident that you've had such success gathering the Royal Stickers all this time. I'm Magikoopa enough to admit it... You two are quite strong! At least, strong enough to defeat me. But the last Sticker King Bowser holds is infinitely stronger than the others. No sticker in the world can stand up to such dazzling shine power! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah... Just thinking about how King Bowser will turn you into confetti is delectable... So delectable that I do not fear my time of vanishing! KA HA HA HA! KING BOWSER WILL DESTROY YOU! KING BOWSER WILL DESTROY YOU! KING BOWSER W-
~ Kamek's final words before his "death."

Color Splash

~ Paper Kamek's signature laugh in this game.

Ah, Mario! I didn't expect to see YOU here. I'd love to stick around and sweep the floor with you, but I've got places to be, lives to ruin. You know how it is for us big wigs. But I suppose I could leave you with a little taste of my Koopa magicks...
~ Kamek when meeting Mario in Color Splash.
Oh, you sad little Goomba... Let's make you a sad HUGE Goomba! Eheeheeehee!
~ Paper Kamek before enlarging a Goomba beneath a pathway in the Mondo Woods.
Ah, Mario! Fancy meeting you here! I've heard much about your exploits. Searching for the Big Paint Stars. Journeying here and there. Lord Bowser went to the trouble of scattering the Paint Stars, and you're undoing all his hard work! In other're being Mario. You may have bested us before, but this time will be different. You'll leave this battle looking like a pile of confetti! Confetti in a parade honouring our fearless Koopa King! I've sized you up, Mario! But my magicks may size you down! Eheeeheeheee!
~ Paper Kamek when confronting Mario in the Sacred Woods.
Oh goodness. Such big words for a little can. But...with Mario here here I must take every precaution. Prepare yourself for the fury of the Koopa magicks!
~ Paper Kamek after Huey told him to bring it on and starting his boss battle.
Kickety koo, kickety koo! Make Mario the size of a shrew!
~ Paper Kamek's spell to shrink down Mario.
Eeeheehee! It's itsy-bitsy wittle Mawio! Let's see you stomp some Goombas now, you greedy little coin snatcher! True power needs not material wealth!
~ Paper Kamek after shrinking Mario.
Paralyzed by choice, are we? Allow me to help! Eeeheehee! And you're never getting your other cards back!... Well, unless you win the fight.
~ Paper Kamek before messing with Mario's cards at half health.
Tickety tach, tickety twos! All of your cards are crummy shoes!
~ Paper Kamek before messing with Mario's cards again at thirty percent health.
Koopatea kaw, Koopatee konn! Where's your hand? Oops--it's gone! Oh, you didn't want those cards did you? You can always pay for a Battle Spin! Cross your fingers for a good card! Eeeeheehee!
~ Paper Kamek before messing with Mario's cards one last time at fifteen percent health.
Huh? NO! But how--?! I was so busy tormenting Mario that I failed to realize my colour had drained completely! Which means... The words I'm now speaking are my last! Quick, Kamek! Say something profound! Uh...did I lock my front door this morning? GAH! NO! Curse you, Mario! With my last ounce of power, I trap you in this forest...forever! I'm going to make you so big, you'll never fit in a pipe again, plumber boy!
~ Paper Kamek upon being defeated.
Oh...I guess I only had enough power left to turn you back to normal size. Shoot...
~ Paper Kamek after accidentally enlarging Mario back to just his normal size.
My power...drained... My once striking visage...So pale and colourless... Like a beached Boo riding a beached Blooper. Say THAT 10 times fast! Bah...You probably could do it anyway. You're one tough cookie, Mario. My Koopa magicks, which were once called "a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet of chaos" by the Prisma Times, were not enough to stop you. I admit defeat. You've earned my respect all over again. Here, you deserve this...more than I. *cough*
~ Paper Kamek's final words before his "death." "This" was a "MAX Cards Up" power-up.


  • Like his mainstream counterpart, Paper Kamek's name is derived from the Japanese name for the entire Magikoopa species.
  • One of Kamek's last lines from Sticker Star, "So delectable that I do not fear my time of vanishing!" is similar to Fawful's last words in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story "Here Fawful goes...The disappearing... Forever disappearing..."
    • Additionally, his boss battle phrase in Color Splash ("Prepare yourself for the fury of the Koopa magicks!") was nearly identical to that of Dark Fawful's fight phrase "Bowser! Meet... FURY OF FAWFUL!"
  • Paper Mario: The Origami King is the only game to not have Paper Kamek on his broomstick at any point of the game since he is always on foot.
    • Additionally, Paper Jam was the only game never to show him standing at any point since he was always on his broom.
  • Any path that the player takes other than the one Kamek suggests in The Origami King gets the player eaten by a Chain Chomp and an instant Game Over.


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