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I can't stand this sensation. Why do they have to fight with such naked emotions? There's clearly no quality of character evidenced. None whatsoever! It's chaos out there. The people need to be led properly. We need a leader with absolute control.
~ Paptimus expressing his belief that humanity needs to be controlled.

Paptimus Scirocco is the main antagonist of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. He is an Earth Federation technical officer serving as a high-ranking member of the Titans who later usurps control of the entire organization to use them for his own agenda to dominate the Earth Sphere.

Known as "The Man from Jupiter", Scirocco is a member of the Federation's Jupiter Fleet, whose huge transport ships collect helium fuel from the outer planets. Not only is he a gifted mobile suit designer, skilled pilot, and powerful Newtype, but Scirocco's keen intellect and overwhelming charisma enable him to easily manipulate those around him - particularly women such as Reccoa Londe and Sarah Zabiarov. Reccoa would eventually betray the AEUG due to his influence and Sarah would later sacrifice herself by taking a blow that was meant for him. Scirocco's influence would eventually lead to him usurping control of the Titans and becoming the final antagonist of the series.

Though his goals and ideology are utterly alien to those of the Titans, their leaders recruit Scirocco to bolster their fighting power, foolishly thinking that his oath of loyalty will protect them from this dangerous renegade.

He was voiced by Bin Shimada in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Jonathan Love in the English dubbed version.


Scirocco was summoned by the Titans for his excellent piloting and mechanical skills. He first appeared while pursuing Bright Noa and several civilians in his Messala. He withdraws after Kamille Bidan and Char Aznable intervene, but he exhibits great piloting skills that are virtually on par with Char's.

Later, he attempts to destroy the AEUG's main force as they prepare to attack Jaburo and destroys one of their ships with a single blow from his mobile suit. He withdraws again to avoid being pulled into Earth's gravity after Emma Sheen engages him in battle followed by Kamille and Char.

It is later revealed by Jamitov Hymem that Scirocco signed a contract pledging his loyalty to the Titans with his own blood. His quick ascension up the ranks earned him the wrath of several other Titan officers such as Bask OmJerid Messa, and Jamaican Daninghan. Even Jamitov has grave reservations about where Scirocco's loyalty lies, but he still keeps him on as an officer.

Throughout the course of the series, Scirocco along with his minions executed all kinds of underhanded plots to help him assume control over the Titans and eventually the Earth Sphere. When Jamaican attempts to drop a colony on the lunar city Granada, he sends Sarah to the Argama and alert the AEUG so that they can successfully thwart Jamaican's plan. He inexplicably allows Reccoa to leave his ship, the The Jupitris after sensing that she was a spy, an act that continues to dog Reccoa until she finally defects from the AEUG and joins him. He also successfully forges a brief alliance with Axis Zeon, but Haman Karn later disables the Gryps 2 Colony Laser and sends the Axis asteroid flying into the Titans' stronghold at the Gate of Zedan.

Eventually, Scirocco pulls off a coup d'état by assassinating Jamitov and blaming Haman for it. While engaged in a battle with Haman, Katz Kobayashi tries to kill him out of hope that it would free Sarah from his influence, but she takes the shot that is meant for him and dies. Although Scirocco mostly saw Sarah as a means to an end, he forgets all about Haman and targets Katz, but Reccoa gets in his way, puzzling him. However, Kamille, Char, and Fa Yuiry intervene, forcing him and Reccoa to retreat.

He later sends Reccoa out on a mission to destroy the Dogosse Giar, which by this time was commanded by Bask. By removing Bask, Scirocco finally assumed complete control over the Titans, which brought him one huge step closer towards realizing his goal of world domination.

Final Battle at Operation Maelstrom

Alongside Haman Karn, Scirocco and his forces waged their final battle against the AEUG during their attempts to complete Operation Maelstrom and seize control of the Gryps 2 Colony Laser.

In his final appearance, Scirocco fights a four-way battle with Kamille, Char, and Haman that ultimately breaks off with him fighting Kamille. Towards the end of this fight, Kamille calls upon the spirits of Emma Sheen, Four Murasame, Rosamia Badam and Reccoa Londe, as well as several others AEUG and Titan alike to lend him their strength in order to defeat Scirocco. The power exhibited by Kamille's Zeta Gundam causes Scirocco's mobile suit The O to stall. Kamille quickly transforms the Zeta into its Waverider form and rams it into The O, impaling Scirocco on the top.

There are two versions of the events that occur in the next few minutes. In the TV version, Scirocco vows he won't die alone and uses his last ounce of strength to deliver a crippling blow that leaves Kamille's mind shattered. However, the movie version scraps this entire sequence.


Scirocco commanding his forces from his flagship.

Paptimus Scirocco is a mysterious man who keeps his true agenda and intentions under wraps. He is both highly intelligent and impeccably charismatic, which allow him to rise through the ranks of the Titans with ease. He is a talented mechanic, having personally designed the formidable mobile suits he pilots. He is also an incredibly skilled strategist, delivering the AEUG one of their most critical defeats at the Lunar City of Von Braun. While recruited into the Titans to bolster their forces, as someone who comes from the distant world of Jupiter, Scirocco's ideals are mostly alien to the Earthnoid supremacist beliefs of the Titans, and Scirocco sees them as mostly a means to an end to achieve his own enigmatic goals.

In addition to his genius in both mechanics and tactics, Scirocco is also an excellent political player and long term planner who frequently orchestrates conflicts between the AEUG to acquire more authority within the Titans. Scirocco has at several points subtly sabotaged his rivals for power from behind the scenes, having his subordinate Sarah deliver information on the Granada colony drop his immediate superior Jamaican was planning so they could thwart it and later arranging for Jamaican to be killed off by Yazan Gable. In addition to forming viable long term schemes, Scirocco is a brilliant opportunist who almost effortlessly is able to take advantage of situations for his own benefit, such as when he used the negotiation with Axis as a chance to perform a covert coup and kill off Jamitov while framing Haman for it. Through his manipulations, Scirocco is able to wrest full control of the Titans from his superiors Jamitov and Bask, turning the task force from an elite branch of the Earth Federation Forces into effectively his own private army which he later allies with Haman.

Scirocco is an incredibly gifted speaker who excels at swaying people to his side, eventually developing his own inner circle within the Titans. As both a handsome man and a smooth talker, many of Scirocco's most loyal followers are women attracted by his charisma and the matriarchal ideology he purports. Scirocco espouses the belief that the ruler of mankind will be a woman and that the Earth Sphere can only be saved by a government led by women, an ideology which easily attracts the endorsement of former AEUG officer Reccoa Londe. However, despite his stated support for female rule over mankind, it is suggested at several points that these purported beliefs are little more than a way for Scirocco to attract and manipulate his followers and a smokescreen for his true goals. While calling Reccoa Londe an ideal leader for mankind, Scirocco frequently plays on her insecurities in order to get her to do what he wants. In contrast to his public goals of a female-led society governing the world, Scirocco claims to see only himself as the only one capable of leading the Earth Sphere into a glorious future and believes that mankind will destroy themselves unless properly guided by an absolute leader. It is suggested that if he were to achieve his ideal society, the female ruler he envisions would be just a figurehead for his own ambitions.

Despite his charisma and aptitude at playing on others emotions, Scirocco himself is shown to be relatively distant and asocial. While adept in social situations, he seems to have a preference for working on mobile suits by himself. Though a powerful Newtype able to read others emotions, Scirocco possesses little care for the lives or feelings of others and uses his incredibly strong Newtype abilities as nothing more than a tool to control others and get them to do what he wants. Beneath his aura of charisma and sophistication, Scirocco sees both his male and female allies as pawns, and will not hesitate to betray or dispose of anyone when convenient to further his own power. At the same time, Scirocco seems to enjoy the company of like-minded sociopaths such as the brutal Yazan Gable, whom he got along well with and gave a critical place in his forces. He also shows respect for opponents able to match him in intelligence as well as on the battlefield and holds Haman Karn in high regard, as she is the one woman he could not manipulate. While gathering many key allies, Scirocco's distrust of others would lead him to keep even his most ardent followers at a distance and to never fully confide in them his intentions, leaving his true goals a mystery to this day.

Mecha Piloted



  • Scirocco has shown up in many other games, including the Super Robot Wars franchise, the SD Gundam G Generation franchise and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.
    • Many of his game appearances go about the same way it's happened in the original series, with Scirocco attempting to take down Kamille's mind before he dies.
    • However, ever since Super Robot Wars 3, players have always been given the option to prevent that from happening by having Four Murasame kept alive, thus allowing Kamille to stay grounded as Scirocco dies.
  • Similar to Char and Gihren Zabi before him, Scirocco's archetype has inspired a number of future characters in the Gundam franchise including Tassilo Vago, Treize Khushrenada, Gilbert Durandal and Ribbons Almark.


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