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Parabum was a powerful brute who commanded a Covenant ship called Valorous Salvation during 2552. He landed on the human colony of Beta Gabriel, and led a slaughter of the planets population.


The pack comprising the crew the Valorous Salvation was in fact two separate packs who recently had been merged by the Covenant leadership.

Parabum was later challenged by Maladus for his cowardice and abandoning of their duties to the Covenant. However, the stronger Parabum beat down Maladus before killing him by tearing his throat out with his teeth.

Ceretus later began plotting to overthrow Parabum as well. Realizing he had no hope of beating the chieftain in a direct challenge, Ceretus tried to sway another Brute, Hammadus, to his side, as he was the only one strong enough to challenge Parabum.

After Ceretus got Facius, Hammadus' brother, to try to convince Parabum to return to the Covenant, Parabum responded by saying that there were no gods. When Ceretus spoke out, Parabum then killed Ceretus with his Gravity Hammer. Connor Brien then shot Parabum and Hammadus with his tranquilizer gun, knocking them unconscious, leading the Brutes' camp to be thrown into chaos as many of the human prisoners attempted to escape. As pandemonium engulfed the camp, a woman named Nixaliz grabbed a Spiker and used it to shoot Parabum in the face repeatedly, before being decapitated herself. The remaining Brutes were all eliminated by the UNSC reinforements that landed on the planet.


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