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When people in despair glimpse hope, their desire to survive generates tremendous energy. And that energy is all too easily used.
~ K talks about Paradeus.
Recognize the situation and join us, Angelia! Rather than serve the corrupt elite of the old world, you should follow Paradeus and lead humanity toward the right future!
~ Morridow to Angelia.

Paradeus (also known as the White Faction) is the major antagonistic force that appeared in the android mobile video game, Girls Frontline. They also served as both the overarching, main antagonistic force and the third enemy faction alongside Sangvis Ferri and KCCO in the game.

They are the paramilitary terrorists who were led by William and the bio-engineered ringleaders called the Nytos. They made their first appearance in Continuum Turbulence.


Not much was known of Paradeus, though the organization was found by William, the former member of 90WISH prior of the game. He also created the Nytos and molded them into his army.

Continuum Turbulence

Dual Randomness

Although they did not appeared in the story, Paradeus began to make their next move as William sent Morridow, a Nyto to inflitrate Bremen, a city which was located in the East Germany as the spy who posed as the secretary of the .

Later, William sent several units to the abandoned Sangvis Ferri's base to take the remaining parts of the AI cultivation system to build the new units for his army.

List  of Members

Major Members

  • William - leader
  • Morridow



  • They was once called the White Faction until their name was revealed in the event Isomer.
  • Like KCCO, their army unit were named after the Medieval European military units. 
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