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The Paranormal Liberation Front is a major antagonistic organization in My Hero Academia.


When the League of Villains' associate, Giran, was kidnapped by another villain organization known as the Meta Liberation Army, the leader, Tomura Shigaraki, and the five remaining members, Dabi, Himiko Toga, Twice, Spinner and Mr. Compress decided to rescue their ally. The League of Villains encountered the Meta Liberation Army, along with their Grand Commander, Re-Destro, and challenged them to battle. Through the entire fight, their powers clashed in a battle to see who would be the strongest and most powerful ones of all, one that was so great that it left Deika City, scarred and then the Meta Liberation Army. Re-Destro had lost to Tomura Shigaraki, and surrendered his position as commander to him.

After the battle, the two organizations believed that with their strongest and powerful villain members in their teams they would be able to band together. So both the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army officially decided to create a new kind of villain organization. It was later known as the Paranormal Liberation Front, making Tomura Shigaraki as the grand commander and his five members of the League of Villains, along with Re-Destro and his associates, Trumpet, Skeptic and Geten, as the nine lieutenants, mostly as second in command. With both villain organizations together, the Paranormal Liberation Front decided to establish a new primary goal, a goal that meant to replace and destroy the current hero society and create a new society they always wanted. But unlike Tomura and the rest of the lieutenants, Dabi, according to his true nature, doesn't actually care about his own allies, and he is grimly determined to forward the interests of fulfilling Stain's ideology. But more than that, during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Dabi not only reveals to Endeavor and Shoto that he is the long lost eldest child of the Todoroki family, Toya Todoroki, he broadcasts a pre-recorded video about his abusive childhood across Japan with the help of Skeptic. Destroying Endeavor's hero career.

After the war, over 16,929 villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front, including Mr. Compress, Gigantomachia, Re-Destro, Trumpet, Geten and Slidin' Go were arrested, and one villain perished during the war. Tomura, Dabi, Himiko, Spinner and Skeptic managed to escape with 10 remaining Near High-End Nomus.

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