The Parasite is the titular main protagonist villain from Nitrome's game of the same name. The Parasite is described as a alien-like mutant. Its quest was to drain the planet by placing energy mining machine fueled by big forest spirits.


The Parasite is a very small brown cephalopod with one green eye. It has many small tentacles for a mouth, and two big tentacles that it uses for walking.

Power and Abilities

The Parasite has the power to control creatures or objects by stabbing them in the head with its tentacle and is seen injecting something through it, making the creature change to a dark gray/green with green eyes with with green slime dropping out of the creature's mouth.


The Parasite took lessons at the Academy of Evil (probably to become evil) but it did not take any swimming lessons, which it would later regret. Run-in with the space bees somehow got onto the space bees' hive planet, which it barely escaped. Ever since then, the space bees have been its biggest enemy. The Parasite is very weak independently, as just a touch of any hazard makes him explode and his green blood splat onto the screen. The Parasite seems to have not learned how to swim, as he also dies when he touches water. The Parasite will jump into his Gasguzzler 9000 upon placing all checkpoints in the area. His enslaving abilities seems to extend past living creatures, but also to inanimate objects. When using the out of order cannons, he can control make the cannon shoot out an acorn that he can control, and somehow kill enemies with it, even though the parasite is placed on the front. This may be possible because the parasite and acorn are traveling at high speeds, like a bullet.

Other Appearances

​Nitrome Must Die

The Parasite appears in Nitrome Must Die on level 20, appearing as the boss for that level. The parasite has enslaved the moon and uses it to try to kill Austin Carter and Justin Bennet. The Parasite serves as the weak point of the moon, having to be shot to damage the moon. The Parasite will try to move the moon around as to try to not get himself near Austin or Justin.

Nitrome skins

The Parasite appears in two of Nitrome's skins. In the Snowman skin, Parasite is seen jumping from a brute to the head of a cavegirl to enslave her and in the Nitrome 2.0 skin, Parasite is seen carrying Princess Nectarine while climbing Nitrome Towers, parodying King Kong.


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