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Pariah was a former Hero turned villain in the DC comics universe.

He was an ally of the Justice league until he was corrupted by the Great Darkness serving as the secondary antagonist of the Dark Crisis event.


Pariah was a man named Kell Mossa from a universe with his family and lived in peace until the Anti-Monitor showed up and destroyed his universe with him being the sole survivor. In His home universe he was considered one of the top scientists of his world and being prideful wanted to explore the universes against he Warings of his people. He would later lock himself in an anti-matter chamber hoping that he would she the dawn of creation but instead he saw the anti-monitor destroy his universe and realized too late that he helped the anti-monitor destroy his universe. Mossa was saved by the Monitor and gave him the name Pariah. Pariah got the ability to travel to other universes trying to warn them of the coming threat of the anti-monitor but no one believed him until it was too late setting up the events of Crisis of Inifinite Earths. There Pariah teamed up with serval superheroes including the Justice league to stop the Anti-monitor and after some several loses defeated the Anti-Monitor and most of the Multiverses were restored. Pariah still wanting his world back and leaves then appears again in the infinite crisis event where he tries to warn lex luthor about alex luthor's plan but was ignored and was later killed by Alex.

In The Blackest Night event Pariah returns as a Zombie apart of the Black lantern army he was once again become a traveler and waring everyone of their impending doom as well as the rising of more black lanterns. Pariah would later return in the Infninte Froniter event where he was revived by the Great Darkness as his servant and began kidnaping heroe slike Barry Allen and trapping them in a reality where they got their happneis. He had been convinced by Empty Hand to join the Great Darkness after Reality was reset by Flashpoint which caused pariah to return to life. Pariah would then lead the Dark Army which included the likes of Darkseid,Empty Hand,Upside Down Man,Neron,Nekron,Eclipso,Ares,Doomsday,and many more. Pariah corrupted by the Great Darkness does this in hopes to restore his world and later leads the attack against the Justice League seemingly killing them.

Powers and Abilities

Pariah is one of the Smartest characters in the Dc unvierse and has the abiltiy to travek dimensions and universes. He would later gain the power to control Darkness thanks to being the herald of the Great Darkness