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And perhaps it's time to remind you, and that intruder...who rules this place.
~ Pariah Dark

Pariah Dark is the overarching antagonist of the Nickelodeon TV series Danny Phantom, appearing as the main antagonist Danny Phantom: Reign Storm. He is one of the most powerful Danny Phantom villain in the series, though not the most dangerous or evil villain.

He was voiced by Brian Cox, who played Hannibal Lecter in Mindhunter, William Stryker in X2, Lionel Starkweather in Manhunt, Agamemnon in Troy, Scolar Visari in Killzone and Ward Abbott in the Jason Bourne franchise.


Due to his position as ruler of all ghosts, Pariah Dark has a strong, commanding and authoritative force and expects others to listen to his will or be destroyed. He is ruthless, stern, malicious, manipulative and quite arrogant, due to his great power, though he often underestimates his enemies. Pariah Dark seeks only power, greatly enjoying accumulating it, and hates anyone who dares to oppose him. Pariah seems to have some honor and redeeming qualities as he was one of the million ghost to help Danny save the Earth and he has somewhat respect for his servant the Fright Knight, despite almost killing and threatening him several times.



The king of the Ghost Zone, Pariah Dark was long ago the all-powerful king of the Ghost Zone and ruled with an iron fist with the Fright Knight as his chief servant. None dared rise against him due to the seemingly limitless power granted to him by the two items in his possession, the Ring of Rage and the Crown of Fire. However, a group of ancient ghosts joined forces and led by a female ghost named Misery Vex, in a last ditch effort to defeat Pariah Dark and succeeded in sealing away the Fright Knight, before taking the Ring of Rage from him and sealed him away in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. His kingdom was destroyed, with the exception of his castle so as to ensure Pariah Dark remained dormant.

Reign Storm

However, Vlad Plasmius inadvertently freed Pariah Dark in an attempt to get his Crown of Fire and the ghost king drove him off. However, he soon learned that the half-ghost had his Ring of Rage and angrily ordered his army of skeletons and the Fright Knight to find it. His presence forced the entire Ghost Zone population to flee the Ghost Zone as he was beginning to destroy their homes forcing them to hide in Amity Park. Vlad gave Valerie Gray the ring to keep safe and soon enough, Pariah Dark's army descended upon Amity Park causing widespread chaos and panic forcing Jack and Maddie Fenton to activate a ghost shield to protect Amity Park from the ghost kings army rampage as they search for the Ring of Rage. Later, as Danny, Vlad and Valerie all team up to fight of the ghost king's army, the Fright Knight drove his sword into the ground, claiming the town for the ghost king and surrounding Amity Park in a ghostly shield. Its removal was a "signal of doom", a sign of surrender that would mean the people had given up the town to Pariah Dark.

Later during a fight between Danny and Vlad, Danny removed the sword, not knowing this, and Amity Park was sent to the Ghost Zone and also causing the ghost king's army to resume their rampage. After that Pariah Dark and the Fright Knight appear and the former forces the two to surrender by forcing them to change back into their human forms much to Pariah's shock who was surprised that Danny and Vlad were half-ghosts. Eventually the Fright Knight realized that Valerie had the Ring of Rage and ordered her to give it back to Pariah, but she manages to bought some time by firing it away on a missile forcing the ghost king to go retrieve it and Valerie escapes with the unconscious Danny and Vlad with the Fright Knight in pursuit although she manages to get into the ghost shield safely. Pariah Dark eventually got his ring back and began planning for further conquest, but Danny, aided by his ghostly enemies (who all help him fight off the ghost king's army) and his father's experimental ecto-skeleton armored suit, fought his way into the ghost king's castle. Pariah Dark and Danny faced off, but the half-ghost started running out of energy due to the suit's unstable qualities. However, he managed to knock off the ghost king's Crown of Fire and throw Pariah Dark back into the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. Vlad succeeded in locking the sarcophagus, imprisoning the ghost king once more, ending his reign of terror and returning everything back to normal.


Pariah Dark was mentioned and seen in a sketch depicting Danny defeating him in Infinite Realms where Frostbite and his people respect Danny as the "Savior of the Ghost Zone" for defeating Pariah Dark, implying the ghost king had threatened the Realm of the Far Frozen at one point.

Pariah Dark makes a cameo in the series finale Phantom Planet in which he is seen amongst the countless of ghosts ganging up on Danny despite supposedly still sealed away in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. It can be implied that Danny freed him only to capture him in the ghost net as he needs them to help him save the planet (and the Ghost Zone) from the Disasteroid.

Powers and Abilities

Pariah Dark's army assembled in front of his castle.

Pariah Dark is immensely powerful and has all the basic powers of a ghost (intangibility, Invisibility, overshadowing, and flight) but on a higher level than common ghosts, meaning he can fly faster and is stronger and more durable than common ghosts. In order to be at full power, Pariah Dark needs the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire, which grant him immense, almost limitless power. However, even without their power, the ghost king is quite strong, able to make all the ghosts flee the Ghost Zone out of fear of him and summon an enormous skeleton army. Pariah Dark is able to drain more than half of Danny's energy with one strike when at full power and take energy blasts from Danny and two of his duplicates with mild discomfort, despite his being at 100 times his normal power thanks to the ecto-skeleton suit. Pariah Dark wields a mace in combat, which can return to him when he throws it and can fire a powerful ghost rays that are powerful enough to presumably break through Vlad's ghost shields and knocked him unconscious, something Danny could never do. He also seems able to change his size. The only other character that could possibly rival or surpass his raw power is Dark Danny which is taken into consideration that the Fright Knight serves Dark Danny, it is possible that he is the only villain to beat Pariah without help or the aid of a weapon, when Pariah is wielding the Ring of Rage and the Crown of Fire.


  • He is regarded as the most powerful Danny Phantom and Nickelodeon villain, but with a possible exception of Dark Danny, who was described as the worst and evilest, but rivals to be the most powerful.
  • Butch Hartman has stated that Pariah Dark was inspired by Darkseid from DC Comics.
  • Pariah Dark's design is similar to that of Unicron.
  • Pariah Dark's personality is very similar to Thanos from Marvel Comics.

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