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Parker is a minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost and the main antagonist of Grace's adventurer story. He is a member of The Syndicate.


Parker is a dark-skinned man with brunette hair and brown eyes. His choice of attire is purple and magenta noble attire.


Parker first appears in dark robes stalking the widowed Grace as she was traveling with Aldred and Andromeda. When they meet in town, Parker insists they go together, but she refuses on the grounds that there's nothing for her in the Syndicate. He was seemingly willing to leave the Syndicate out of love for Grace, but she still turned him down. When Andromeda came looking for her, Grace told Parker to leave immediately as Aldred might kill him. Later that night, she is confronted by Parker, but she still rejects his advances. He claims that he tried and failed to heal him after he was wounded by Tf-997 (Aldred) and also claimed that his last words were to take care of Grace.

However, when Parker calls Aldred and Andromeda failures, Grace realizes that everything said, from his supposed defection from the Syndicate to her husband's supposed last words, was a lie, pointing out that her husband never used the word failure and that it was he and her who were the failures as the test subjects wouldn't have subjected to such suffering if the two were better at their jobs. She also felt insulted by Aldred and Andromeda being called "mere test subjects" as her spouse never wanted her to be with people with such thoughts such as Parker, thus she cemented her rejection of the Syndicate executive. Infuriated with her rebuffing, Parker summons his men to kill her. Aldred intervenes and dispatches several of the cronies while Andromeda checks on her. When this happens, Parker uses a crystal to force Aldred to turn into a dragon which leads to him killing several of Parker's cronies. When Grace asks him how he could do this, Parker tells her not to blame him as it was her and her husband's research that led to this. Grace counters by stating that their design was to stimulate the activity in fused subjects as part of helping endangered lives not force them into a rage like Aldred. It was then revealed that her husband's real last words were "How could you?" and that Parker was his real murderer. Parker killed him out of hatred for taking what he wanted and living in a blissful happy life. When he tries to kill her, Grace blocked his attack as she doesn't intend to die at his hand and begins to unleash the power stored in the memento he left her, a sword infused with mana and reversed Aldred's transformation into a dragon as it controls the magic of wyrmbinding, being the result of research she and her husband used to make amends for their crimes. Parker makes a second attempt on Grace's life, but Aldred strikes him back before he could get the chance. With Grace's approval, Aldred claims Parker's life.



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