Parker is a supporting antagonist in Disney's 1985 live action film The Journey of Natty Gann. He is a greedy vagrant who wants Natty to help him steal a farmer's bull.

He was portrayed by Barry Miller.


Arriving in a town in Colorado, Natty and Wolf find a group of young vagrants led by Parker, who offer to help them. Protected by Wolf, she follows the boys to their shelter, where they tell her the rules of their “family." Together, they attempt to steal a bull from a farm, and Natty and Wolf bravely step into the pen alone. Wolf helps her herd it into the boys' truck. As the farmer pursues, Natty is left behind and arrested, and placed in a jail-like orphanage. Natty escapes through a vent and searches for the blacksmith whose truck carried Wolf away. The blacksmith, Charlie Linfield, is kind to Natty, returns the wolf, and offers her a ride out of town.

Parker is last seen with two officers as they search for Natty, Wolf and Harry. They look inside the car and leave with Parker after they only discover Wolf.


  • Despite being a supporting antagonist, he has more time on screen than other antagonists.


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