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Party Pete is the main antagonist in the Regular Show episode "Party Pete".

He was voiced by Jeff Bennet.


Party Pete was seen on the TV by Mordecai and Rigby, who plan to throw a party while Benson was away. After their party starts going downhill they call Pete, and soon he spawns a large party. However, after their 10 minute party is up he begins to leave until Mordecai and Rigby show him cans of Radicola and the party resumes ounce he starts drinking them. After a call from Benson, Party Pete is told to leave, but he refuses to do so. After drinking so many cans of Radicola he starts to become super powerful. Skips decides to assist Mordecai and Rigby to defeat him, simply by feeding him more cans of Radicola. Party Pete eventually drinks so much Radicola that he gets bloated and starts shining like a disco ball until he explodes.

He returns in "Exit 9B" as one of the many villains revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. He returns to his disco ball form after returning. Once Thomas signs the document he and the other villains get sucked back into the portal.

In "Party Re-Pete", it is revealed that the Party Pete from "Party Pete" was actually a clone made by a group called Party Starters who used the real Party Pete's body to do so. This explains why Radicola was his weakness, also his real name is actually Peter Hermanverfal. Rigby tried to free him but accidentally created another clone. After freeing the real Pete the park employees tried to escape but were stopped by the Party Starters and the Party Pete clone. However, Benson grabs a hose and starts spraying Radicola into the clone Party Pete until he eventually explodes destroying the Party Starters headquarters.


  • Party Pete was one of the Regular Show villains that Jeff Bennett voiced (the other being Ticket Guy).


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