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John Henry Butler

I'm the wrath of God.
~ Butler

Pastor John Henry Butler is the main antagonist of the 2019 horror/thriller film We Summon the Darkness.

He was portrayed by Johnny Knoxville, who also played Scrad & Charlie in Men In Black 2.


Butler is the father of Alexis and founder of the Daughters of the Dawn, a Christian congregation for wayward girls that is actually a front for a conspiracy to kill people and make the murders look like the work of Satanist cults so as to deceive others into embracing Christianity. He speaks out against heavy metal music, and also uses donations given to his church to finance the construction of houses, most likely for use as more murder scenes.

Butler is first seen in the film on a gas station TV set, denouncing heavy metal music as being satanic in nature and urging people to donate to his church. He’s later revealed to have brainwashed Alexis and her friend Val into serving his agenda. Bev, Alexis and Val’s friend as well as a fellow member of their congregation, learns of Butler’s plans and turns against the other two girls while they’re tormenting a captive Mark and Kovacs.

Butler comes to the house where Alexis and Val are holding Mark and Kovacs, and meets a wounded Kovacs who tells him what’s happening, only for Butler to shoot him and calmly declare that “I’m the wrath of God” before entering the house. He finds his ex-wife Susan dead in the family room and simply states “Good riddance.” He heads into the kitchen for a beer and a cookie while the lights go out due to Val cutting the power.

Butler heads upstairs to Alexis’s bedroom where he finds Mark attacking his daughter and shoots him in his side. He then berates Alexis for her recklessness and starts to strangle her until he’s knocked in the head by Bev and falls unconscious.

After Alexis is killed trying to prevent Bev and Mark from escaping, Butler twists the truth about what happened on a news broadcast, saying his daughter was confused and led to commit her heinous acts by a Satanist cult.


Pastor John Henry Butler: You really screwed this one up, Alexis.
Alexis: It's not my fault.
Butler: QUIET!
Alexis: Yes, sir.
~ Alexis and her father
Butler: There's a sheriff's corpse in the kitchen. Your stepmom is bled out like a stuck pig in the family room. And I had to shoot one of the bastards in the driveway. Now, how are we gonna explain this?
Alexis: It was Beverly.
Butler: Beverly?
Alexis: Yeah. The runaway.
Butler: Where is she now? She, uh, she run away again?
Alexis: Val's taking care of her.
Butler: You told me she was ready. You told me she could do this.
Alexis: I know, but she wasn't. I'm sorry, but I can fix this!
Butler: It's too late for that. They already suspect us, and now this?
~ Alexis being reprimanded by her father
Butler: We're gonna have to make some sacrifices.
Alexis: What kind of sacrifices?
Butler: What did Daddy call you when you were a little girl and you fell off your bike?
Alexis: "Reckless Alexis." Yeah.
Butler: Yeah. And that's what you've been here tonight. Right? Reckless and careless. And you've put everything I've worked so hard for in jeopardy.
Alexis: I don't know what to do...
Butler: Hey, but it's okay. We're gonna do something drastic, unexpected.
~ Alexis being reprimanded by her father
Why do you think I chose you for this mission? Why do you think I chose this house? It's the only way to erase any doubt from their minds. They'll have no choice but to believe!
~ Butler as he strangles Alexis