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Villain Overview

I won't cause you any trouble if you don't cause me any trouble!
~ Pat Phelan making a coerced deal with his would-be archenemy Anna Windass.

Patrick "James" Phelan, more commonly known as Pat Phelan, is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British ITV soap opera Coronation Street, appearing in two different stints from 2013-2014 and 2016-2018.

In his first stint, he appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2013 and the secondary antagonist in the first half of 2014 before becoming an unseen-yet-mentioned antagonist in 2015. Then in his second stint, he became the show's primary antagonist from January 2016 up until the first episode of June 2018; since then he has served as a posthumous antagonist in 2019 and the 2020s onwards.

The character was portrayed by Connor McIntyre.

Character Development

Pat Phelan's reign of terror storyline included raping Anna Windass after he coerced her into sleeping with him; leaving Owen Armstrong financially bankrupted after overworking him in a revenge blackmail scheme; feuding with Anna's son Gary Windass; forging a relationship with Eileen Grimshaw that led to the pair getting married; tricking Eileen's son Jason Grimshaw into leaving Weatherfield and taking over his business after sabotaging Jason's business routines; conning most of the Weatherfield residents from tens of thousands of pounds under the guise of providing them flats in a fake business project called "Calcutta Street"; causing the death of Michael Rodwell by leaving him to die of a fatal heart attack; blackmailing Andy Carver and later holding him unlawfully imprisoned in a cellar for months before ultimately shooting him dead; kidnapping Vinny Ashford and later getting him killed by forcing Andy to shoot him dead on the same night of Andy's murder; reuniting with his long-lost daughter Nicola Rubinstein and bonding with her until she eventually discovered that he had allegedly raped her late monther Annabel just nine months before Nicola herself was born; killing Luke Britton; getting Anna wrongfully jailed for the attempted murder of Seb Franklin; and embarking on a lethal siege that leads to him untentionally shooting Nicola and then hodling Michelle Connor hostage before shooting her, after which Phelan is finally killed by the returning Anna before he could escape Weatherfield.


Pat Phelan is known to be a notorious villain and criminal mastermind of the worst kind. His character is that of a sadistic, calculating, malicious, psycopathic, manipulative, and vengeful monster who appears to take delight in perpetuating his illict activities.

This extends to the point where he also seems to relish in terrorizing and tormenting people when it comes to making an enemy of them and seeking to get one over them.

List of Victims

A list of people whom Phelan has victimized in the course of his reign of terror.

  • Annabel Rubenstein — Raped by Phelan back in September 1989; just nine months before their daughter Nicola was born.
  • Anna Windass — Phelan raped Anna by blackmailing her into sleeping with him and then framed her for pushing Seb Franklin off a ladder. She eventually got her revenge on June 1, 2018 after stabbing Phelan during his "last stand" rampage, killing him and ending his reign of terror once and for all.
  • Gary Windass — Phelan blackmailed Gary in retaliation for the latter's assault on him, which led to the events of Anna's rape and Owen losing his £80,000 investment that consequently left both the Armstrong and Windass families on the verge of financial bankruptcy. Phelan was later kidnapped by Gary and was secretly taken back to Weatherfield, whereupon Phelan escaped Gary's captivity and briefly took him hostage at gunpoint.
  • Owen Armstrong — Phelan blackmailed Owen into completing their business project for no profit in retaliation for Gary's assault, then arranged to have him blacklisted from the council's list of approved builders after extorting his invested £80,000; this financially bankrupted the Armstrong and Windass families, which gradually led to Owen leaving Weatherfield after Phelan's actions had effectively destroyed his relationship with Anna in the process.
  • Kevin Webster — Phelan manipulated Kevin into believing his own version of his past with Anna, which nearly destroyed their relationship in the process. When that failed and the pair embarked on a feud, Phelan sabotaged Kevin's business ventures by blackmailing Andy into setting fire to his garage — which consequently discredited Kevin along with his mechanic operations, which Phelan had earlier arranged to have impaired beforehand.
  • Jason Grimshaw — Phelan deceptively usurped Jason by sabotaging his business developments, at one point having his van torched - which essentially led an unsuspecting Jason to depart Weatherfield, thus allowing Phelan to seize control of both his inheritance and his venture for the impending "Calcutta Street" flats scam project.
  • Norris Cole — Phelan conned Norris by arranging to have his venture obstructed; one of Phelan's associates falsely appeared as a property developer and deceived Norris into ordering new shipments before fleeing with them.
  • Yasmeen Nazir — One of the victims of the "Calcutta Street" flats scam development, which Phelan had perpetuated; prior to this, Phelan had organized the vandalism of Yasmeen's community in order to proceed with his nefarious schemes.
  • Rita Turner — One of the victims of the "Calcutta Street" flats scam development, which Phelan had perpetuated.
  • Sarah Platt — One of the victims of the "Calcutta Street" flats scam development, which Phelan had perpetuated; subsequent to this, Phelan had taken Sarah hostage during his "last stand" rampage and was even on the verge of executing her.
  • Michael Rodwell — Phelan watched Michael die of a heart attack, without helping him; this had earlier occurred eight months prior, in which Phelan would've left Michael to die from that point had Jason not interfered.
  • Andy Carver — Phelan kept Andy unlawfully imprisoned in a cellar for months after blackmailing him in retribution for Andy's attempt to avenge Michael's death. This lasts up until Phelan ends up killing Andy shortly after forcing the latter to execute Vinny that night.
  • Vinny Ashford — Killed by Andy as orchestrated by Phelan himself; prior to this, Phelan blackmailed Vinny into returning to Weatherfield under the threat of harming his mother Flora McArdle and then kidnapped him before having Vinny murdered.
  • Luke Britton — Killed by Phelan after unknowingly puzzling the true circumstances about Andy.
  • Eileen Grimshaw — On the day after discovering his true colors and then sending him to his presumed death following their dramatic confrontation, Eileen got arrested for the crimes which Phelan had perpetuated as the police suspect her of assisting him in his nefarious activities.
  • Nicola Rubenstein — Phelan unintentionally shot Nicola when she attempted to stop his lethal rampage, but she managed to survive.
  • Michelle Connor — Phelan shot Michelle during his attempt to escape Weatherfield, but she managed to survive.


Well, Owen
~ Pat Phelan's first words on the show as he greets his business partner Owen Armstrong.
Hello mate!
~ Pat Phelan greeting his criminal associates.
~ Pat Phelan's catchphrase.
Don't you wander off now.
~ Pat Phelan's last words to Michael Rodwell as he watches the latter succumb to a fatal heart attack.
You know that story you were writing? How about the bad guy that gets his comeuppance? Well, I’ve just thought of a new ending!
~ One of Pat Phelan's famous quotes as he seemingly kills fellow enemy Andy Carver.
You don't know me.
~ Pat Phelan's last words to Andy before he executes him; mere moments after manipulating Andy into killing Vinny Ashford.
Well you came looking for Andy! Looks like you found him, you say hello from me.
~ Pat Phelan's last words to Luke Britton before murdering him after a spectacular high-speed vehicle chase.
Twelve juries Anna! Unanimous verdict Anna!! It's called justice Anna!!!
~ Pat Phelan taunting Anna as she gets wrongfully convicted for GBH; having been framed by Phelan for pushing Seb Franklin off a ladder.
Do you really want to know what I am? I’m that; I’m the darkness and the light; I’m a creator and a destroyer, the accuser and the prosecutor; I'm the lord in hope; I’m the layer in wait....... and I’m the worst thing you can imagine!
~ Pat Phelan's breakdown as his wife Eileen finally discovers his true colors.
You wouldn't risk getting locked up, lying for her.
~ Pat Phelan unsuccessfully tries to implicate Anna for stabbing him when Michelle Connor — whom he had shot moments ago — and her wedding guests tell him that the attack will be confirmed as self-defense; with Michelle wanting this to be the case so she could avenge Andy and Luke as well.
~ Pat Phelan's last words on the show as he slowly dies in front of Anna upon realising his ultimate defeat in horror.


    • According to the website here,, Pat Phelan is confirmed to be the biggest criminal out of all the British soap villains - having officially committed 32 offences during his reign of terror in Weatherfield. Had the character ended up getting arrested and jailed for all his crimes instead of being killed-off, Pat Phelan would've spent nearly 300 years of life imprisonment.
  • The kidnapping storyline which ended on October 27, 2017, with Phelan shooting Andy after having Vinny executed; resulted in Ofcom receiving 390 complaints. Ofcom claims that these complaints were about the violence, but most of these complaints were about the lack of quality in the writing. Critics cite this as a prime example of ITV's supposedly thin skin.
  • A recurring occurrence with the character is the amount of times he has cheated death and been attacked by an adversary, but he always manages to survive.
    • He won villain of the year at the British Soap Awards in 2016 and in 2018. He was also nominated for the same award in 2014 and 2017 as well.
    • The week of Phelan's last stand was aired after the watershed ( due to violence and gore.
    • The episode in which Phelan fell into the sea achieved 9,380,000 viewers. The episode also achieved 46% of U.K viewers from the age 16-34 year olds.
  • His behavior and mannerisms is similar to Mick Taylor, the main villain from the Wolf Creek horror franchise, such as his sense of humor and cruel taunting behavior towards his victims.
  • He is the posthumous overarching antagonist of 2019 because his torment of Gary is what turned him into a villain.