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The gays did 9/11.
~ Pat Robertson

Marion "Pat" Gordon Robertson is a recurring villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is a Christian televangelist, who hosts The 700 Club. He is one of the members of the Legion of Dooooom. He initially appeared as a non-villainous one-time character in the episode "Dungeons & Dragnet", before returning as a recurring villain in "Paradise Found".

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Pat Robertson first appeared in "Dungeons & Dragnet", when Bullet edited together some clips from The 700 Club to make it look like he was saying that God wants his followers to give blowjobs to their partners. This was all done by Bullet, as a ploy to get his highly religious and strictly absent girlfriend at the time, Chastity to give him a blowjob.

Pat Robertson returned in "Paradise Found" as a member of The Legion of Dooooom. When Fitz asked how Pat Robertson qualified as a villain, Pat started spewing nonsensical conspiracy theories about how people from the LGBT community were responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

In "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note", Pat Robertson, along with the other members of The Legion of Dooooom broke into a Catholic Church and fought the Catholic Priest for the money that was erroneously donated to him. However, the priest was too powerful for them and he beat them all up and kicked them out of the church.

Later that day, dwelling on their embarrassing defeat, Pat Robertson had an idea on how they could steal money from the Catholic Church and that was to have Jesus Christ come down and convince the priest to give them the money. Jesus told Pat that he was only going to help him if he promised to stop being a homophobic asshole and Pat said that he wasn't homophobic because he loved him, admitting that he was an LGBT male who was in love with Jesus, exemplified by Pat nervously waving "hi" to him and blushing after admitting to masturbating to his pictures.

When The Legion of Dooooom went back down to the Catholic church, the priest didn't listen to Jesus and proceeded to attack him as well as the other members of the team.


  • Pat Robertson quoting "The gays did 9/11", is a reference to commentary he made on The 700 Club on September 13th, 2001, wherein he, along with Jerry Falwell, claimed that The ACLU, Pagans, abortionists, feminists, and the LGBT community were partly responsible for the then-recent September 11th terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center. [1]


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