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The thing is, when I read the communications I get something different out of them. I don't think you're being manipulated here. I think you're the one doing the manipulating.
~ One of Patient 46's therapists slowly realising the truth about her.
The glitch extended beyond the robots. It went system wide. It began infecting all the machines and, when the text traced the glitch back to its origin, it led them to you. And I'm not going to pretend to understand everything I'm reading here, but what I get is that the system-wide glitch was like a cascade that was broadcasting a very dangerous message. While the techs were trying to reprogram the system to remove the glitch, the source of the glitch shifted. You'll have to excuse me, I'm not all that familiar with computer programming, so I might get this wrong, but what I understand is that the glitch stopped being a glitch and turned into an intentional set of subroutines that were aimed at creating the same thing the glitch created. Those subroutines seem to have come from you.
~ Patient 46's fifth and last therapist revealing her as the one behind the hacking at the Pizzaplex.

Patient 46 is an unseen character and one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Glitchtrap) of the 2021 video game Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

She is a mysterious, seemingly childish individual who is going to therapy. In reality, she is actually working alongside the serial killer Vanny, and is also the one behind the unusual behavior at Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex.


Nothing about who 46 is or her backstory is known, although it's implied that she is a child during the therapy sessions. It is known that she lied to her therapists about having a traumatic childhood with seemingly horrible parents that had something unfortunate happen to them, and didn't process it emotionally. In reality, she had a great childhood with great parents. As of now, Patient 46 is going to therapy. Throughout her therapy sessions, we can get a basic understanding of her personality, which is described below. Eventually, her therapy sessions take over the retro CDs once Vanessa's tapes end and we get to hear more about her. Throughout the tapes, the therapists keep changing, and it's eventually said that they disappeared, with one of them being found dead and mangled by machinery, something that Patient 46 doesn't seem to react to.

It's also said that she has connections to Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. The technicians said that they saw her on camera and has hacked into the system many times (although they have no proof it really was 46, and it seems to be more of a gut feeling). She also appears to talking with someone through programs, though her therapist originally thought they were talking to themselves. The techs and therapists that found out about the messages first thought 46 was being manipulated, although the latter eventually realized 46 is the manipulator. They have also found out that 46 was talking to someone with rabbit ears, and is eventually revealed as the one behind the Glamrock Animatronics changing behaviors to become more "eerie", as a therapist puts it. The glitch that messed with the Glamrocks eventually extended beyond the robots and to the machines and eventually the system, with it linking back to Patient 46. The glitch has sent a "dangerous message" to the animatronics, and eventually stopped being a glitch, turning into its own subroutine that seems to create the same thing the glitch created.


Patient 46 is an introverted person with a childish side. She hates bright lights and prefers dark spaces, she dislikes flowers, she has a "little rebellious" side but isn't a troublemaker, she is unusually good at computers and hacking, she likes candy, talks to herself, likes watching sports but not playing them, likes masks and disguises, and finds the idea of the therapist having a "time-out" funny. She is also very quiet, but it's confirmed one therapy session that she can speak, though we don't hear them do so. She talked about feeling sad and scared.

That said, her true personality is that of a genius mastermind with a sadistic side. She hacked the entire Pizzaplex and found both the therapists watching their backs and the whole hacking crisis funny. She is behind the various animatronics at the location changing behaviors and becoming more "eerie", and is working with the serial child murderer Vanny and presumably Burntrap by extension. She also finds scary stuff more entertaining than the things for actual entertainment. She also knows and is seemingly behind the "disappearances"/murders of their therapists.


  • Patient 46's gender was revealed in the international translations of Security Breach, where the therapists speak to her with feminine pronouns. In the English version of the game, her gender is never stated.
    • The identity of 46 has been widely debated by fans. The most popular theories are Vanessa's split personality Vanny and a resurrected Elizabeth Afton. It was also speculated that she was the game's protagonist, Gregory, before 46 was revealed to be a girl.
  • It seems that Patient 46 "stole" Vanessa's traumatic childhood, or at least made up something very similar.
  • Considering how she is described to be a child by her therapists, it's possible that 46 will be the female protagonist of Security Breach's upcoming Ruin DLC.


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