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Patra is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star seen only in the anime. She is a practitioner of Nanto Ryujin Ken summong illusions to trick her opponents.


Under a black market slave ring, Patra intends to sell of slaves including Mika and Sam. At night, she is first seen interrogating the village chief on what he is conspiring with Kenshiro. She tries to have Kenshiro killed first by having him burned alive and sends her two henchmen using Nanto Komori Ken out. After those fail, Kenshiro confronts Patra in her mansion who distracts the Hokuto Shinen successor with illusions and has her henchmen bind him. She also plans to feed Mika's younger brother, the captive Jiro to a wolf. However, Kenshiro takes out the henchmen and saves Jiro. Even so, Patra flees evaporating her lake water that the villagers are depending on.

Later, at Mt. Ryujin Castle, Patra and her partner Dragon prepare to auction off the slaves to a number of slave owners. However, Kenshiro ruins the auction and frees the slaves. Then, Patra and Dragon decide to take on Kenshiro using illusions of dragons and fire combined. While they fight, Patra leaps at Kenshiro with a sword but he imaples her eyes with beads from her necklace, causing Patra to move around in agony. This tricks Dragon into accidentally burning her alive with his fire breath and Patra falls off the castle whilst on fire, exploding before she reached the castle moat for a messy death.

Powers and Abilities

Using Nanto Ryujin Ken, Patra can use witchcraft to disorient her opponents. She can also make illusionary dragons concealing Dragon's fire and her own knives.


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