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You've been killing my children!
~ One of Patriarch's spawning lines in Killing Floor
I'm back, and I've got some new tricks!
~ Patriarch when spawning in Killing Floor 2

The Patriarch (real name: Kevin Clamely) is the main antagonist of the Killing Floor series. He is the main antagonist and final boss of the first game, the unfought antagonist of Killing Floor Incrusion, and one of the main antagonists of Killing Floor 2.


As Kevin Clamely, he was the founder and CEO Horzine Biotech. The company responsible for the outbreak in London. He simply made the specimens for the military until his son died which caused him to go insane as he created the Clot from his late son's DNA while he made the Siren from his ex wife which he would use to kill her. Since then he had transformed himself into a specimen and had worked with Hans Volter to make more and spread his "children" all across the world. He also has a daughter who opposes him.

Powers and Abilities

The Patriarch has the superhuman strength speed and stamina. He also has the ability to turn invisible and can use Tentacles from his stomach. He was also a scientist and uses that to make more specimens.


In Killing Floor the Patriarch appears as a tall mutated man with long brown hair, a mustache, glasses, and one eye is poking out of its socket, his right hand has become a claw due to his mutations while his left hand has been replaced with a minigun and missile launcher hybrid he also has a mutated claw protruding from his stomach.

In Killing Floor 2 the Patriarch has become more mutated now appearing bulkier than his KF1 counterpart with green glows all over his body and tentacles protruding from his back while he retains the minigun missile launcher on his left hand his left arm along with his left leg have become entirely mechanical and is now lacking hair and facial hair


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