Patrice was an antagonist in the two-part Buffy episode "What's My Line" - she was the third and final assassin sent to kill Buffy Summers and like Octarus was notable for being of the few Buffy villains who was not a vampire, demon or monster but rather an ordinary (if psychotic) human.


Patrice an assassin who worked for the Order of Taraka and took on the guise of a police officer in Sunnydale High in order to try and get close to her target, the young Slayer known as Buffy Summers.

Patrice proceeded to open fire on Buffy in the school itself, causing mass panic and injuring one of the students in the process, after this attempt failed she tried a second time to kill Buffy but was stopped by the intervention of another Slayer known as Kendra.

In order to escape the two Slayers Patrice kidnapped a student known as Johnathan Levinson - however her cover was now well and truly blown so she fled to the Church of DuLac to watch as Spike performed a ceremony to restore Drusilla's fading health.

Patrice was present in the ensuing fight with Buffy and her friends and was defeated by Kendra, Patrice presumably died in the fire that occured soon after (which was caused by a careless Spike).

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