Please understand. It was just business. It wasn't personal
~ Patrice's last words.

Patrice Saint-Clair is the secondary antagonist in the 2008 film Taken.

He was portrayed by Gérard Watkins.


Saint-Clair is the head of an Albanian human trafficking ring that has recently been kidnapping female tourists to sell on the black market, including Bryan Mills' daughter Kim. Bryan goes in search of Kim after torturing Marko, but he is captured by Saint-Clair's men and tied to a pole. Saint-Clair confronts Bryan and orders his men to kill him in a quiet manner so as not to alarm his guests.

Bryan uses his superior skills to break free from the pole and overpower all of the henchmen before going after Saint-Clair. He corners the villain in a small corridor and demands to know where Kim is. Saint-Clair tries to reason with him but Bryan shoots him several times in the limbs, forcing Saint-Clair to reveal that Kim is being taken on board a boat owned by a sheikh named Raman. As Saint-Clair tries to redeem himself by telling Bryan that what he did was just business and was not personal, Bryan replies "It's all personal to me" before firing five more bullets into Saint-Clair's chest, killing him.

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