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This isn't the end! You won't stop "R"-- we're too powerful! I will get to the final Cursed Vault before you! The treasure will belong to "R"!
~ Rakepick warning Jacob's sibling and his/her friends.

Professor Patricia Rakepick is the main antagonist in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a prequel video game that takes place seven years before the original Harry Potter story.


Patricia Rakepick was a student at Hogwarts, where she was placed into the House of Gryffindor. She often worked together with the Marauders (James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew).

When she became teacher for Defence against the Dark Arts, she was more then willing to help Jacob's sibling finding the Cursed Vaults to save his/her brother, guiding him/her with different clues. One time she attempts to teach Jacob's sibling the illegal Cruciatus Curse (the Torture Curse), who refused to learn it, rasing suspicion around her.

Inside the Vault, Jacob's sibling and his/her friends are betrayed by Rakepick. They find out that Rakepick had only been using them to gain access to the Portrait Vault. Rakepick is really a member of "R", a mysterious group who is after the Cursed Vaults, in order to gain it's treasures. During this, Jacob became her apprentice, though why is still unknown.

She, Jacob and Peter Pettigrew was supposed to enter the Portrait Vault, but Peter was scared of the Hungarian Horntail Dragon that guarded the Vault and ran away, leaving Rakepick and Jacob to die. During the battle, Jacob got trapped inside a portrait and Rakepick tried to get the treasure inside the Vault, but failed. She figured out that Jacob's sibling had the same potential to perform Legilimency as his/her brother, which was required in order to enter the Vault.

When Merula tried to attack her, Rakepick cast the Cruciatus Curse on her. Jacob's sibling managed to stop her by using a Garrotting Gas potion that he/she got from Professor Snape, that made her choke and that allowed Jacob's sibling and his/her friends to disarm Rakepick. Before vanishing, she warned everyone that this wasn't over. She told everyone that she and "R" would find the last Cursed Vault and gain it's treasure.

In Jacob's sibling's 6th year, she attempted to murder Ben Copper in the Forbidden Forest when he attacked her in self-defense, but the spell was interrupted by Rowan Khanna, who sacrificed a life for his/her friend. Rakepick mentioned that Jacob's sibling owed a friend's life to 'R', from a previous message by 'R', and vanished from the forest.

She later reappeared when Jacob's sibling found the final Cursed Valut. She quickly disarmed Jacob's sibling and the rest of the group and wanted to enter the final Cursed Vault to proclaim it's treasures to 'R'. However depending on player's actions she either gets trapped in the final Cursed Vault where she faces her worst fears or gets captured and send to the aurors.


Never apologize for doing what you know in your heart that you absolutely must do.
~ Rakepick

Rakepick can seem understandable, charming, ambitious, bold and brave when it's coming to teaching students at Hogwarts. But in reality, she is an sadistic, manipulative, cruel and unremorseful Dark Witch, doing everything in her power in order to find the Cursed Vaults for her associates "R". She will even go as far to torture and kill people in order to achive her goals even if the person she must kill is a child or a teenager.



  • Rakepick's betrayal has been foreshadowed by many by the fact that the position of the Defence Against the Dark Arts is jinxed, where the teacher only stays for a year and is removed by some type of accident or crime that forces them to leave. This jinx was unbeknownst placed by Lord Voldemort many years ago when Dumbledore refused to give him the job.
  • Rakeprick is one of two evil Gryffindor antagonists in the series, the other being Peter Pettigrew.


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