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Patrick is the titular villain of 1978 Australian film with same name is a young man who is in coma for three years after he murdered his mother and her boyfriend by electrocuting them in the bath. The doctors tortured him with shock treatment and nurse tried killing him without a result because he had psychokinetic abilities. Everything changed when a woman named Kathy Jacquard became Patrick's nurse and Patrick fell in love with her.


Not knowing about his father, Patrick had strained relationship with his mother because she had many boyfriends and had sex with them making Patrick upset. Having enough of it he killed his mother when she bought some electrocuting appliance which he put in the bathtub where his mother and lover took bath electrocuting them and leaving Patrick in coma.

Three Years Later

Three years later Patrick was sent to Dr Roget's clinic where he discovered that he had psychokinetic powers scaring away fellow patients.