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Your brother's a bit of a... weak-minded, drug-addict, emo kid, y'know? I, on the other hand, like to see myself a bit more as a leader. Y'know, I'm a go-getter. That sort of stuff...
~ Patrick to Shaun Andersen.
Life boils down to choices, Shaun. You choose to wake up, go to work, go to school, whatever it is you do, for your own good, don't you? Everyone does that. That's what life's about, right? It's this path, or that path, ant you hope it turns out the way you want. I've made mine. And I know your not happy with it, but I can promise you this: It's for my own good. It's for Michael's own good.
~ Patrick

Patrick Andersen is the main antagonist in the series The Andersen Journals (AKA MLandersen0) and a minor antagonist in Stan Frederick. He is the evil alter-ego of Michael Andersen.


Initially, Michael had began sleepwalking during the course of events, however, it eventually got to the point where he would carry a knife into Shaun's room as he was doing this. Eric and Shaun eventually decide to bring him back to the mental institution where Michael had stayed at originally.

Patrick makes his official appearance in the video Going Away Present, where he ties up Shaun in his basement. He takes pleasure in tormenting Shaun Andersen, and also requests to Shaun that he calls him Patrick. Eventually, Patrick leaves a knife next to Shaun and lets him free himself as Patrick disappears. Its later revealed that while Michael was institutionalized, he would attack other patients and call himself Patrick. This is revealed to Shaun by Stormy, a former patient at Michael's hospital. During his visit with Stormy, Patrick appears threatening the two with a knife, and tells them that Michael is trying to kill himself with pills. Patrick says that since the two share the same body, he can't allow that. He then leaves, taking Stormy's knife with him.

Its later revealed that Stormy was threatened by Patrick and went as far as attacking her by forcing her to hide Michael's flash drive from Shaun. This is revealed when Shaun visits Stormy a second time, only for the two to be attacked by the Slender Man. Patrick appears for a brief few seconds by teleporting into the elevator with Shaun. After a few months pass, Shaun and Stormy begin dating and living together, whereas Michael would return warning Shaun that Patrick showed Shaun and Stormy dying in multiple ways. Michael eventually returns to Shaun, saying that he is "all better now".

Michael begins living with Stormy and Shaun. All things are fine, until Stormy is later killed by the Slender Man. It is later implied by HABIT that Patrick did this.

Patrick made a short appearance in the Stan Frederick video called 13. Unsatisfied Customers when Stan called Michael on the phone and told him that he was going to move their appointment to a few months, he then told him that everything was going to be okay. Michael then turned into Patrick and started laughing, he told Stan how Michael's brother was cut into pieces by HABIT with a chainsaw and that Stan has no idea what he was wading into. He then hung up on Stan.


My people will contact your people. Thanks for the knife, Stormy!
~ Patrick after threatening Shaun and Stormy.
~ Patrick's reaction to being called "Patrick" rather than "Michael".
You don't understand yet, but I think, with a lot of persuasion, you'll get my message.
~ Patrick to Eric as he douses him with gasoline.
HA HA HA!!' You honestly thought... You HONESTLY thought I was gonna set you on fire with gasoline?? No, its real gasoline, but, um, did this scare you off? Did the head wound scare you? Good. Stay away'. I'm not gonna ask you again.
~ Patrick to Eric.
I'm not hijacking; I live here, too.
~ Patrick about staying in Michael's body.





  • According to HABIT, Patrick has existed for longer than either Shaun or Michael has. He also says that Patrick gives himself all sorts of families and friends throughout the years to surround himself with food for the Slender Man. He also says the reason he scared Eric away was because he was catching on to Patrick's sociopathic lifestyle. HABIT mentions that Patrick would be considered a sociopath, if he were human.