Yo! I'm Patrick Colasour, the Ace pilot of AEU. I'm here to help you, people of Moralian Air Force!
~ Patrick introduce himself at Moralian Air Force soldier

Patrick Colasour is one of the characters of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Initially, he is a comedic and arrogant minor antagonist at season 1 and in season 2 before break pillar incident.After the break pillar incident, he follow Kati Mannequin to betray A-Laws and ESF, he along with her turned into anti-hero/Anti-villains and supporting character in series.

He is Ace pilot of AEU-military force, who is under command on Kati Mannequin, who is later become his wife in the end of season 2.

Personality & Character

Patrick is overall highly egotistical, overconfident, a show-off, a dedicated soldier, dim-witted, a glory hounder, and a womanizer. He thinks he's the best there is and often makes a grandiose introduction whenever he can to make a lasting and memorable effect on people. Due to his ego and overconfidence, he constantly fails or comes close fo failing his missions. His enthusiasm on the battlefield is as great as his lust for women. He changes his womanizing ways after falling deeply in love with Colonel Kati Mannequin at first punch. Patrick also has a tendency not to be observant of things, such as when Kati criticized Patrick for his non-existent knowledge of Innovators.

After winning the heart of his beloved Colonel, Patrick completely devoted himself to Kati like a love-sick puppy. So great is his devotion to her that he heartily followed her when she joined A-Laws and later the ESF Coup d'état Faction to protect her as her champion. He would continue his long-life devotion to her throughout his military career and life. As his own way of being affectionate, Patrick constantly called Kati "Colonel" despite her being promoted to Brigadier General after the defeat of A-Laws.

Skills & Abilities

Because Patrick was born in France, it's highly suggestive that he fluently speaks French. He's a great womanizer as he never once had difficulty in gaining the affections of a woman. Military wise, he is a skilled MS pilot, possibly one of the top 10 in the world. At the very least, he was considered one of the most skillful in the AEU as he was assigned one of their 10 GNX's during Operation Fallen Angels. During the events of AD 2312, he easily gained membership into A-Laws due to his skills and reputation. He was later granted a Commander Type GNX-803T GN-XIV with the ESF Army and showed great skill in combat.

Probably one of the greatest abilities of Patrick is his dumb-luck. His survival odds are ridiculously high, almost to the point that he could survive anything. Patrick is one of the rare few that survived all major engagements against Celestial Being, Innovators, and the ELS relatively unscathed. It's because of his high survival odds that he earned the title: The Immortal Colasour.


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