Cardinal Roark

Cardinal Roark

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Patrick Henry Roark, also known only as Cardinal Roark, is a villain from Sin City, featuring as one of the main antagonists in A Hard Goodbye. The influential religious official Cardinal Roark is the brother of the extremely corrupt politician Senator Roark, and the uncle of the sadistic and pedophilic serial killer Roark Junior.

He was portrayed by Rutger Hauer known for portraying Roy Batty in Blade Runner.


He was a doctor and a priest in World War II, then became a cardinal. When he met Kevin, he was convinced he was spoken by God and sheltered him in the Roark farm. Roark also helped Kevin in his killing sprees, eating some of the parts of his victims.

After Kevin is killed by Marv (who wanted revenge against Kevin for killing Goldie, a prostitute he fell in love with), Roark is confronted by Marv and explains the entire story to him, only to have Marv brutally kill him afterwards. It is not shown how Marv killed him, but it is implied that he severed his jugular.