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Patsy Parisi.jpg

Here's some standard operating procedure. Stay the fuck away from Tony Soprano, shut the fuck up and listen. It's over. Capice? Over and done. You call, or go anywhere near him or his family, and they'll be scraping your nipples off these fine leather seats. And here's the point to remember: my face is the last one you'll see, not Tony's... we understand each other? It won't be cinematic.
~ Patsy intimidating Gloria Trillo.

Patsy Parisi is a major protagonist villain in The Sopranos. He serves as a member of the DiMeo Crime family under Tony Soprano. Unlike most of the other mobster characters in the show, Patsy is a dark horse, as any details about his life are very limited.

He was portrayed by Dan Grimaldi, who also portrays Patsy's twin brother, Phillip Parisi.


Season 3

Patsy harbors considerable resentment against Tony for ordering the death of his brother Philly who had been spreading (truthful) rumors about his mother. Patsy snuck into Tony's house with the intent of shooting him from the pool patio and stopped at urinating in Tony's pool. Despite being advised by Silvio Dante to eliminate Patsy, Tony chose to attempt a different approach first, making it clear Patsy had to get over what happened with Philly or he would suffer some very serious consequences.

Throughout the Season Patsy is also shown working under Paulie Gualtieri and is present when Paulie sniffs the panties of Adriana LaCerva in front of her boyfriend Christopher Moltisanti.

When Tony's mistress, Gloria Trillo refuses to leave him alone, it is Patsy he sends to intimidate her. It is likely Patsy's threats played a role in her suicide.

Season 4

Patsy feels passed over when Tony names Christopher capo over him. The similarly resentful Silvio encourages Patsy to steal some tiles from Massarone construction, promising to have his back. Tony notices Silvio's insubordinate behavior but gives him a pass as they are childhood friends. Patsy wasn't punished, possibly because Tony knew that Silvio was influencing him. Patsy is involved in Silvio's violent run in with some Native Americans who despise Christopher Columbus and is slapped around by Tony.

When Christopher is sent to rehab Patsy is put in charge of guarding him and it is implied Patsy was tasked with killing him had he tried to escape however Patsy reported to Tony that Chris had graduated rehab, making murder needless.

Season 5

Patsy informs Tony that one of his meetings with Jack Massarone was staked out by the FBI which leads to Tony having Jack murdered.

Season 6

When Soldier Vito Spatafore is outed as gay, Patsy openly admits he doesn't see what the big deal is which prompts Paulie to call him a slur. His son, Jason, dates Tony's daughter Meadow, which Patsy sees as an opportunity to rise in the family.

When Tony's son AJ attempts suicide Patsy makes an honest effort to comfort him. Jason is arrested in the final episode. Because of this, many fans speculate that Patsy either betrayed them to protect his son or had Tony killed as a way to ensure the safety of himself and his family as well as avenging his late brother's murder.

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