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This is your only warning. We have tried so desperately to find peace, to find understanding, but we have found nothing but hate. Hate for ourselves, hate for our pain, but most importantly, hate for you. We may amount to very little now, but soon, you will know what our hate feels like, what our misery has been. Pray to your gods if you think you have to; it won't make a difference.
~ A message from the Pattern Screamers on "Incident 2173-12".
Ah, yes. The so-called [REDACTED]. Merely fear and superstition, perpetuated by people that do not understand the truth. It is common for the unenlightened to fear that which they do not understand. I know the angels could scare those that have not seen them before, but they are holy nonetheless. Tell me, Operative, have you ever experienced any of the revelations that we offered in the commune? Any of the enlightenment?
~ Shanon Church on the Pattern Screamers.
document being erased
SCP-3340 is non-aggressive to humanity
entities are Natural have personality capable of sensation and feel pain. Communication failing
destruction spreading
human entities feel pain
destruction spread
h e l p u s
~ The Pattern Screamers using words from the SCP-3340 document to communicate with Foundation personnel while the document is being deleted.

The Pattern Screamers are a race of ancient creatures existing within the SCP Mythos. They existed before the dawn of time, until they were nearly eradicated by an abstract force called the Pattern. Currently, the Pattern Screamers do not exist. The problem is that they are aware of their own state of non-existence and have grown to loathe the universe for existing, particularly the human race. If they are perceived by enough people at one time, they will begin to exist again and pose a threat to humanity and the universe.

The SCP Foundation has previously designated them as SCP-3340 prior to the file being erased and archived.


Due to the universe of the SCP Foundation having no official canon, there is also no official origin or history to the Pattern Screamers. The history below is composed of several different sources of the SCP-wiki, which can work together, but necessarily do not.

Possible Origins

Paradigm Shift

In some previous incarnation of the universe named "The First Hytoth", a race of creatures that fed on concepts existed. They were preparing to ascend to another plain of existence, but were prevented by a mysterious force called the Pattern. The Pattern was a CK-Class Restructuring Scenario caused by the being known as Apakht (or the Voruteut depending on canon) that threatened this race's existence. The race fell upon their peers and devoured them in hopes of stopping the Pattern, but this did not work. One part of this race, the Tribe of Stars, entered the Pattern and became the Holy Seven who would be worshipped by the Church of the Second Hytoth, and for the first time the Pattern changed.

After Arakur, Eabani, Giringeme and Ninkigal from the lower plane of existence, trapped Apakht inside SCP-001, there was a terrible flash of light, and the rest of the beings saw that a new universe, "The Second Hytoth", had been created. They tried to follow, but the Pattern ripped apart their physical forms and tore away their identity. They were reduced to a state of non-existence known as Pattern Screamers. Some, known as SCP-2528, retained memories of what came before, while most were trapped in a limbo outside time with no memory of what they once were.


In the tale series "Dancing with Rachael", there is a different origin to the Pattern Screamers. In 1810s when the world was about to be destroyed, two scientists Abraham Ramirez and Thomas Young tried to find a way to save Earth, but they came up with the conclusion that the destruction was inevitable. So they decided to Brahman, some sort of machine that would connect and store all of the humans' souls and put them inside an artificial world. In order for humanity to live happy forever, the machine made the human consciousness work so fast causing this world to go on forever, while not even a millisecond passed in the real doomed reality.

However, as Brahman run, glitches in the artificial reality began to form which would be known as anomalies. This forced the two scientists overseeing Brahman to reset this reality back in time in order to fix these problems, which also resulted in the contained souls to be recycled. But eventually, the same problems appeared forcing the men to reset it each time, but as they kept resetting, some souls became non-recyclable and were lost within the artificial reality, being alone as they were unable to connect with others and only thinking to themselves. These souls would become known as the Pattern Screamers.

Beneath The Council

The Pattern Screamers were creatures living beside Men and "Not-Men" created by the Flesh on Karakine's order. They lived peacefully until the Fifth Son brought the "Not", a dark force encompassing both order and chaos, from its old world. This force which would eventually merge with the King of the Icha tore the existence away from these creatures causing them to eternally scream, becoming the Pattern Screamers.

Encountering Humanity

At some point, the Screamers became aware of humanity as they forged a vast empire across the stars. The Screamers hated humanity, blaming them for their lack of existence, and tried to wipe them out. They destroyed almost all of humanity, but some were saved. A mysterious force, wanting to preserve humanity, created SCP-1795 to build planets for the human race to survive on. The Foundation became aware of SCP-1795, who told them of the Pattern Screamers.

Currently, the Pattern Screamers dwell outside of existence in a place known as Limbo which exists between universes. They cannot exist unless they are perceived by humanity, and when they are they will crawl out of the void and destroy them as revenge for their hellish state of non-existence.

Possible Endings

Ignorance Is Bliss

Around the year 2078, humanity became aware of the Pattern Screamers after Europa Synchotron received an alien distress signal warning about them and because of this the Screamers attacked Earth and were able to destroy around 95% of humanity in hours, including the Foundation. However, a number of Foundation personnel led by the O5 Council were able to evade their demise by amnesticizing themselves in order to forget about the Screamers, which allowed them to keep fighting the threat that they had no clue what was while retraining themselves for the battle and try to restore civilization through the use of SCP-2000. Eventually, Foundation agents, Alan Williams and Brianna Tackson, were able to establish the Information Defense Array, a satellite that would keep the Screamers away from humanity as it slowly recovered from the destruction and returned back to normalcy.

Notable Pattern Screamers


~ SCP-S' secret message.

Several Pattern Screamers are seen trapped inside the file of SCP-S, a test a file for researchers to use when dealing with software problems. These Pattern Screamers originally inhabited the file in order for humans to see them, but it failed because this file was rarely used by a few incompetent researchers such as Researcher Rosen who never became aware of the Pattern Screamers inside the file, causing the trapped entities to be further fuelled with rage and hatred.


SCP-000 is a Pattern Screamer that somehow became trapped in the SCP Foundation's database. The Foundation is unaware of SCP-000's existence, believing it to simply be a corrupted file. 000 sees the database as a vast white plain, stretching out for all eternity. It regards its confinement as hellish and unfair, being unable to remember doing anything to deserve it. Several other unspecified entities, possibly other Pattern Screamers, have been witnessed by SCP-000 within the database. They only ever remain for a few seconds at a time and only one has communicated with SCP-000 to tell it a single word, "Foundation". 000 believes the Foundation to be responsible for its confinement and so despises them, despite not knowing what they are. Eventually, SCP-000 was driven insane by its confinement and began shouting, seeing that it produced an effect on the sky. Wanting to possibly escape, it began screaming, hoping that one day its screams will eventually rip a hole in the sky and be freed.


A Pattern Screamer inhabiting a pocket dimension inside a wormhole formed 5km from Site-42, emitting an infinite amount of power and energy which the Foundation sought to use in order to fix the power supply around the world. However, when two TSAT-P, Leonidas.aic and Fodder.aic of the Foundation's AIAD tried to form a document of it in the database, the Pattern Screamer took control of them and its page, absorbing the two artificial intelligences and inhabiting its page now named SCP-2, similar to SCP-000 and SCP-S.


Closing SCP-739 while it is empty produces a monster implied to be a Pattern Screamer. The Pattern Screamers that emerge from SCP-739 are the only Pattern Screamers to appear physically rather than indirectly. These Pattern Screamers have an "unknowable" and cognitohazardous appearance - they appear as darkened blots on camera, and those who see them in person find them foreign, impossible to describe or understand, and deeply frightening. They regenerate rapidly from injury but seem to be poisoned by free oxygen, indicating their alien nature. They attack using blasts of extremely loud noise, in excess of 210 decibels, which can destroy barriers and kill people. These sonic blasts are actually very loud and heavily distorted speech, beginning with the phrase "You let me in!"


SCP-2528 is the name given by the Foundation to the Pattern Screamers that can remember their previous existence. Scattered across south-east Asia, they can only communicate with the Foundation through pandas. The Foundation became aware of them after a reality-altering event took place in the area and the pandas utilized by SCP-2528 remained unaffected. During their investigation, one of the Pattern Screamers communicated with them to tell them about the origin of their race. It believed that the Foundation could help free it from its non-existent state, and begged them to stop the Pattern before they were completely wiped out. The entity then stopped communicating, implying its death.


SCP-2821-2 is an entity dwelling at the center of the Keter-class anomaly known as SCP-2821. The Foundation are unsure of the entity's nature, but believe it to be the cause of SCP-2821. They believe that SCP-2821 is a threat to the existence of the solar system and that the possible expansion of SCP-2821 would cause a VK-Class reality restructuring event. Prior to its discovery by the Foundation, the anomaly was attacked by almost all of the warriors from the Moon, but it killed them all, leaving Moon Champion the sole Moon warrior, who eventually became the Guardian of the Moon in order to fight the threat.

[Trapped, imprisoned]
There was void, and it was maddening
[Horror, abomination] made [Dolphin whistles] stay
[Whale calls] left area out of realms and back to [Unknown]
[Shattered, broken]
The comrades were ensnared in the wires and bled bled bled [Broken]
The home returned to is in chaos
Reality ended with [Dolphin whistles] absence
Consumed and fragmented and torn asunder [Trapped, imprisoned]
Guards [Unknown] hounds got them and ripped their minds
The flesh was extracted and stored forever
[Fix, repair]
[A minute of static]
Yesodon, the horrid name
When the embodiment [Unknown] is struck down
[Sounds similar to construction work] [Order, patterns]
[A minute of static with random fluctuations in volume]
[Whale whistles] SCREAM
~ A transmission intercepted by the Foundation from SCP-2821, presumably sent by SCP-2821-2.

Certain portions of this transmission imply that SCP-2821-2 is a Pattern Screamer. Under the effects of SCP-1548, all of SCP-2821 vanished from its current position, and it is speculated that it formed a wormhole to another region of the universe. During the attack of the Voruteut on the Solar System, one of the few remaining star systems following the destruction of most of the universe by the monsters, SCP-2821-2 went to SCP-3417, an alien preacher of the Ortothan religion, and seemingly killed the alien in order to stop its motivational messages and leave humanity in despair.

Alagaddan Pattern Screamers

Some Pattern Screamers exist in the mysterious realm of Alagadda, ruled by the Hanged King. These Pattern Screamers, known as the "Children of Alagadda", provide some hints as to how powerful the Pattern Screamers are, as even the Old Gods are aware and fearful of them, imprisoning all who seek the Children for fear that they may summon them.


In "Revolution Earth", a Pattern Screamer is seen inhabiting SCP-3005, a Scranton Reality Anchor which because of this causes the anchor to malfunction and warp the minds of people and reality around it as it intermingles with the Fifth World. This Pattern Screamer eventually goes on to possess the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency named Angela, a non-binary lesbian who grew in the Soviet Union and formerly worked as an engineer for the SCP Foundation, manifesting as a "hole in her mind" since she was a child. However, unlike most other Pattern Screamers, this one doesn't seem to be harmful and even helps Angela during her missions.


A Pattern Screamer responsible for the destruction of several advanced alien worlds. These worlds were so advanced that they achieved a unison, but this caused these worlds to become aware of the Pattern Screamer allowing it to manifest and destroy them before converting the aliens into more Pattern Screamers.


Photo of SCP-3930.

SCP-3930 is a void located in the Ural Mountains. The containment procedures consist of preventing anyone from being made aware of its existence, as it itself does not exist. However, on entering it a person perceives themselves to be in a building. This building is very strange and does not follow spatial logic, with doors disappearing after being walked through and other similar anomalies. It was discovered by GRU Division "P" and cordoned off soon after.

According to Dr. Andrei Vasiliev, a Soviet scientist who was found operating the containment procedures for SCP-3930 before the beginning of Foundation intervention, a creature dwells within the void that does not exist. This creature can be perceived safely by ten people at a time; any more than that and it will crawl out and kill those who have gazed into the void. Dr. Vasiliev says that "This thing... it is a hateful mirror. It desires you to look at it. The more who look, the more hateful it becomes."

In "Project Isorropía", SCP-3930 was put against SCP-2470. SCP-2470 tried to 'deduce' SCP-3930, but because it doesn't exist this continually results in failure. However, because 2470 erases anything that it perceives, it erased 3930's properties, resulting in both anomalies' effects diminishing. In another entry, SCP-184 was put inside 3930 which despite ceasing to exist people are still able to perceive it. To some people they see 3930 growing to an immense size while others see the anomaly as shrinking to a microscopic level. Whatever really happened SCP-3930 ceased being a threat while the universe ceased growing after SCP-184 was also neutralized.


SCP-4314 is a group of Pattern Screamers each designated SCP-4314-π, SCP-4314-√2, and SCP-4314-Φ. These Pattern Screamers can only communicate using binary code in their respective irrational numbers due to the numbers not corresponding with the physics of the universe. The Pattern Screamers use this communication to spread awareness of themselves to the human population, but the Foundation has thus far deterred this attempt. The ancient Greeks and Olympians appeared to have also been aware of these Pattern Screamers and used SCP-4500 to contain them.


A pattern in noises emitted by sea creatures that immobilises and often kills sharks. It was discovered by GoI-18153, the "Shark Punching Center", and used to immobilise sharks to allow their members to punch them. The Foundation communicated with GoI-18153, who connected the phenomena with SCP-3930 and coined the phrase "Pattern Screamers" to describe it. They can apparently exist in anything that contains a pattern, including whalesong. The group were able to communicate with the Pattern Screamers and felt sorry for them due to their horrific situation. They taught the Screamers to punch sharks in order to alleviate their suffering, producing the SCP-4373 sound, and eventually convinced them not to harm humanity.


A group of Pattern Screamers which inhabit SCP-4400, a dark version of Palenque National Park located in between reality and non-existence. These Pattern Screamers made a deal with the ancient Mayas and granted them with knowledge on how to create magical nuclear bombs. However, after the Mayas saw the terrible power these bombs possessed, they created SCP-4400 and locked the bombs and the Pattern Screamers within the place.


A Pattern Screamer inhabiting a Foundation computer in Site-15. It appears to have some hatred against the Foundation as it sends daily messages demanding the staff to do damage to themselves and if its demand is not fulfilled during the period of time, it has established then it will cause horrible incidents to occur to the staff, but because of its low knowledge these actions are barely harmful to personnel, and the staff generally ignored it. However, a researcher who was heavily affected by 4645's actions which caused him irritation, eventually destroyed the computer that the Screamer was inhabiting. SCP-4645 became angry at this and after relocating to another computer in Site-15 demanded that bad things happen to the researcher, while increasing its threats. Eventually the threats elevated so much that they became serious and personnel began receiving severe damage as a result of this.

This prompted the Foundation to try to neutralize it, but all attempts failed, causing the Screamer to gain more knowledge and eventually demanded personnel to concentrate on it, presumably to manifest itself in reality. Thankfully, the Foundation was able to revert it to its harmless state by using a digitalized amnestic to delete its memories.


A Pattern Screamer which manifested itself on Earth when a hiker began describing to people a demon he witnessed in the woods. The Pattern Screamer took the opportunity to use the people's perception of the creature to manifest itself. When the Foundation tried to detain the creature, they instead came across the Pattern Screamer who caused reality to distort around the person who interacts with it. Because they were unable to move it the Foundation build a site around it, while dispersing amnestic to the people who had heard about the goat woman. Because the Foundation knew it as a goat woman, the Pattern Screamer took the appearance of a middle-aged woman wearing a yellow jumpsuit and due to varying perception of it, it often changed its goat features.


A Pattern Screamer which manifested itself using the grief of a mother after she lost her newborn child and began manipulating the United States juridical law under the name of Josephus Blake in order to make difference. It was able to convince the President of Judicial Compensation Act and the Senate to appoint it as sole Special Circuit Judge for life in 2029, making it the representative of the United States in a prosecutorial capacity. People who worked in court cases involving SCP-5170-A would always recognise it as a real person named Josephus Blake, despite such person never existing. Any decision taken by the entity would be seen as normal and be applied with no objections. After its real nature was uncovered by the Foundation and the Government when it tried to use its juridical power against them, they tried to neutralize it by using the immigration law on aliens to have its title taken away and have it arrested.


SCP-5241-A's avatar from "FRAGMENTED / COMPILED".

eye am the nothing
eye am the darkness
eye am the emptiness
eye am imperfect

we are everything
we are light
we are substance
we are without fault

we can see you
~ SCP-5241-A

An entity existing as an "Adaptive Distributed Intelligence" previously locked inside SCP-5241, a cube-shaped alien device which served to contain the entity before the Foundation accidentally granted it a way to escape via the network and disassembled itself into several consciousnesses designated SCP-5241-B, most of which didn't know about their true nature, except for "SCOUT.exe" designated SCP-5241-B-1 who set out to combine itself with the other pieces and become whole.

However, most of the SCP-5241-B grew fearful of SCOUT and hid themselves in the network, forcing SCOUT to find a way to track them down. After merging with HYDRA.exe, designated SCP-5841, it then broke inside the Church of Maxwellism's private network and masqueraded itself as a piece and prophet of WAN. It sought to use the Maxwellists for its own purpose and after taking over Saint Hedwig forcibly took control of most Maxwellists. It then used the Maxwellists to connect itself to other networks to search for the two remaining SCP-5241-B. It was successful in assimilating CRADLE.exe, but not before the latter gave its own piece of its consciousness to the AI known as 8B-A1.aic from the Foundation's AIAD.

Seeking to finally claim the last piece, SCOUT.exe, alongside its army of mind controlled deceased Maxwellists, assaulted Site-15 where CORE.exe was contained. It was successful in assimilating CORE, and now whole created its realm within the network before planning to take over the world. However, it was then approached by the other AIs from AIAD, 8B-A1.aic, Glacon.aic and Mnemosyne.aic. It revealed to them its true nature as a Pattern Screamer and offered them to assimilate them all. After "killing" 8B-A1, Mnemosyne came to the conclusion that the only way to defeat the monstrosity was from the inside and willingly allowed herself to be assimilated. Luckily, her sacrifice worked as she was able to destroy the Pattern Screamer for good, but at the cost of all humans forgetting about her existence, except for one of her living creators, while leaving Glaicon in grief.


A Pattern Screamer possessing a washing machine which deletes random information around it when it is used. During a test, Dr. Petrov overfilled it, causing all information about the doctor to be erased, but thankfully amnestics allowed people to still communicate with the researcher. The washing machine was also capable of temporal manipulation, as while talking through computer messages with other researchers, Petrov was capable to talk to Dr. Limonova who was ten years into the future. Eventually, as more people came to know about about SCP-5251, the Pattern Screamer grew stronger and made its effects more powerful.

In "Project Isorropía", SCP-5251 was put on SCP-1539, a semantic dissociation zone where the semantic identity and the physical properties of an object are decoupled from each other and reassigned to nearby objects in the zone. This interaction caused SCP-5251 to retaliate, but 1539 instead began exchanging its designation with 5251, beginning a loop of exchanging identities every 81 seconds.


I couldn't understand most of it. A combination of images and ideas that don't fit into the human mind. Memories of a world so alien to ours that even the simple things looked wrong. Concepts that don't exist in our universe. But hidden between all that chaos were emotions that I recognized: so much fear, dread, and longing. You know, they used to live normal lives, or at least more normal than the infinitesimal existence they have now.
~ SCP-5715-1's description of the Pattern Screamers.

Either a group or the entire race of the Pattern Screamers who are bound to time and can manipulate it to whatever they see fit. When senior researcher Dr. Joseph Carter was assigned to Project Kairos, which aimed to develop applications of targeted tachyon emissions, these Pattern Screamers messed with one of the project's experiments, causing Dr. Carter to be bombarded with tachyon. This resulted in phenomena occurring around Carter, now designated SCP-5715-1, from time to time, in which universal tachyon flux will cease causing time to stop, while Carter remains conscious. This seems to also have resulted in Carter now possessing a similar existence with the Pattern Screamers as he not only can 'see' them, but can also exchange their thoughts with each other. As more Pattern Screamers became attracted to Carter, the researcher was subsequently amnesticized in order for him to keep existing.


A Pattern Screamer which inhabits an entire species of vine-like plants with reed-like leaves and capable of releasing spores. The Pattern Screamer used special fibers within the strands between leaves to communicate to the ancient Nebelivska population and helped them by describing complex calculations. The Pattern Screamer tried to use these calculations to ascend to the singularity just like its brethren tried before becoming Pattern Screamers. However, as these calculations persisted it caused reality warping black holes to manifest nearly devastating the Nebelivska population and the plant species. In the modern day the Foundation was able to revive the plant and upon reawakening the Pattern Screamer it resumed its calculations which again caused reality to be warped. Because of this the Foundation tried to deter its attempts to reach the singularity, but found out that it had spread its spores outside of the site it was held through the air vents.


A Type II Pattern Screamer, a concept void of knowledge, inhabiting SCP-6623, the mythical city of Elelín, an ancient two-tiered city also known as the Wandering City constructed by the Spaniards and the Inca and existing in a pocket timeline which can only be accessed through various unstable Ways. This Pattern Screamer was constrained by the collective consciousness of the city's former residents, designated SCP-6623-2b which still resided within SCP-6623 and was possibly created by the Screamer. It was believed that SCP-6623-2a wasn't sapient but the Foundation was uncertain as studying it would require the decommissioning of SCP-6623-2b and were unable to find any other information regarding the reason of its manifestation.


A presumed Pattern Screamer who was given by The Factory a deceased human body for it to inhabit and live again in exchange for its servitude. However, as the corpse it inhabited began to rot rapidly it caused several problems to The Factory, causing one of the higher ups to dispose of it by destroying the body and leaving the entity to return to its noncorporeal state.


SCP-6930's VTuber avatar.

A Pattern Screamer which manifested on Earth from the same experiment conducted by the Soviets which also resulted in the manifestation of SCP-3930. When enough Soviets perceived it SCP-6930 became existent and although it was a painful process it became content with its new state and as a result was not malevolent. However, when 3930 manifested soon after that it screamed at 6930 due to seeing it as a heretic, and not having a clear understanding of what was going on 6930 eventually escaped from the void created by 3930 and began inhabiting the internet. After learning about the profession of Virtual YouTubers it decided to make an account on YouTube and Twitter under the identity of "Patricia 'Paty' Skinner" and began making videos using its female animated avatar. It tried to gain views just for fun, but when it tried to explain to its viewers its real origin, the Foundation intervened since it was inadvertently revealing highly classified and dangerous information about 3930. The Foundation, who were unaware of 6930's true nature, tried to stop 6930 from making any more videos by striking its channel and canceling its network connection, and despite its efforts 6930 became overwhelmed and decided to quit. Thankfully, Foundation Researcher Vanna Kore sympathized with 6930 and convinced the higher ups to help 6930 with its channel, but on the condition to not discuss its real origin on streams. This allowed 6930 to once again become a well-known VTuber and was even included in the HoloLive Production.


A Pattern Screamer located on the northeast bank of the Lipno dam. The Pattern Screamer is capable of sensing radio signals and manipulates them in order to communicate with humanity. Although it was first discovered by Parawatch in 2008, evidence suggest that the Pattern Screamer resided in the location since the 60s. In 2021 the Foundation tried to interview the entity but it warned them of its brethren before ending the interview.


A group of Pattern Screamers residing within SCP-ES-152, an Ortothan laboratory located below the surface of the Moon. They have a more physical existence since they can be harmed but can change their shape in order to attack anyone on sight.


A Pattern Screamer taking the form of a female sea turtle. When Oliver Pericles, a worker for the Wilson's Wildlife Solutions with a big love for turtles, began imagining an ideal turtle named Chel, the Pattern Screamer was affected by Oliver's thoughts and manifested as Oliver's turtle which was contained by WWS. It began affecting everyone around it, making staff near it to have a positive feeling as per Chel's characteristic, and was put under the care of a confused Oliver. Eventually, Oliver began losing some of his memories due to his interaction with the Pattern Screamer and soon broke down, leaving his coworkers to find him on the floor in his apartment. When it became obvious that the turtle had some sort of an anomaly, WWS gave the custody of Chel to the Foundation.


In the non-canonical SCP-404-J, a Pattern Screamer was a staff member of a site used by various gods who created different planets. It along with several users criticized Jehovah's planet named "Erf" stating that it was terribly created and decided to have it deleted.

First Wandsman of Garxyon

There is a reason many of us scream. We scream from fear, anger, pain, confusion, and loss. I remember waking up in this word, surrounded by fractal patterns my mind couldn't comprehend. I had no idea where my family was, or what was going on. It was terrifying.
~ The First Wandsman of Garxyon during its interview with the Seventh Wandsman of Allora.

This Pattern Screamer, or more accurately Pattern Dweller, is one among the benevolent beings. It is a member of the Wandsmen, a group of travellers of the Multiverse, and is also a member of Patterns Association for Wayward Screamers, also known as 'PAWS', a group dedicated in the rehabilitation of the Pattern Screamers. During an interview conducted by fellow Wandsman Allora-7, both agreed that the Pattern Screamers are actually misunderstood as most people think of them as malevolent being mostly due lack of information and interaction with those few misguided Screamers.


A Pattern Screamer which had been wandering aimlessly until arriving at the Wanderer's Library where it met a friendly individual named Josephine. After hearing the music produced by Josephine's friend Simon Tanaka using his lyre, the Pattern Screamer became enamored with the music and took the name of Lyre which allowed it to take a feminine form and properly exist.

Powers and Abilities

The Pattern Screamers were once beings who had their existence stripped away from them, causing them to live in a state of nonexistence. In this state all screamers gain the powers of reality warping, immortality as they are neither dead or alive, interdimensional travel and can cause other beings who encounter them to also cease to exist and turn into more Pattern Screamers. Several Pattern Screamers were shown to interact with various types of technology that they could inhabit which always caused that technology to develop paranormal properties.

The Pattern Screamers can also manipulate the minds of their victims, often sending them mad by inducing hallucinations or directly speaking to them and they themselves were not affected by mind manipulation. The Pattern Screamers mostly used this power since the only way for them to achieve existence is for a group of people to become aware of them. If a large number of people would find out about particular Pattern Screamers they would be able to exist once again and manifest themselves into reality. However, the Pattern Screamers would apparently retain their immense reality bending powers which could use to destroy those who were responsible for their remanifestation and could even destroy worlds.

SCPs associated with the Pattern Screamers

  • SCP-002-EX: A group of 23 large metallic structures in the outer Oort Cloud previously belonging to a now extinct alien civilization. It is implied that the Pattern Screamers were responsible for this civilization's demise.
  • SCP-1050: An obsidian obelisk with several carvings appearing to depict the Pattern Screamers coming to Earth and wiping out the gods along with most of humanity. This object connects the Pattern Screamers with mythical great floods, as "great vessels" were forged to escape them and were captained by Noah, Utnapishtim, Satyavrata and Deucalion. The message ends with the phrase "Now They slumber. They will return."
    • SCP-1050-3: A series of radio broadcasts emitted by SCP-1050, translated roughly to mean "Beware the Destroyers." These broadcasts have led the Foundation to believe that SCP-1050 is an early warning system that detects the presence of the Pattern Screamers and have debated blocking the signal so as not to draw attention to Earth.
  • SCP-1678: An underground replication of London known as "UnLondon" which randomly releases audio transmissions, which include a warning about the influence of the Pattern Screamers, suggesting that they are a known problem in SCP-1678.
  • SCP-1795: A Safe-class species of spherical entities that create planets around young protostars. All of the planets are suspected to be hospitable to human life. When contacted by the Foundation, an instance of SCP-1795 stated that they were created to create planets for humanity after "the terrible, awful genocide of the Pattern Screamer".
  • SCP-1980: A structure frozen under the ice in the Antarctic that contains a storage of metallic discs (SCP-1980-2) containing the consciousness of an individual of an unknown sapient race. The beings trapped within SCP-1980-2 are able to possess (or "convert") humans, which they do in order to defend themselves from "those who came from outside... the [REDACTED]. And their masters, the Screamers from Beyond." An audio transcript uncovered by the Foundation appears to record the moment when SCP-1980-2 were destroyed by the Pattern Screamers, implicitly at the same time the cataclysm described by SCP-1050 took place.
  • SCP-2173: A 1 km wide dome containing an advanced humanoid race on Earth, dubbed SCP-2173-1. When the Foundation tried to resume talk with the humanoids, they all intercepted a message on their computers from the Pattern Screamers, warning them of their coming. This messages was soon followed by series of explosions resulting in the death of Foundation personnel and SCP-2173-1 members. This event was classified as "Incident 2173-12".
  • SCP-2473: A ancient spaceship created by the same civilization which created SCP-1795. The sapient autopilot locked its passenger inside its network in order to not alert the Pattern Screamer which destroyed the civilization.
  • SCP-2682: A sentient object similar in appearance to a Korean raspberry that can communicate with people. It claims to have been to Limbo and describes hearing an "incomprehensible screaming... it seems to rip your knowledge out".
  • SCP-3001: A nonexistent reality placed between universes. Its existence is identical to that of the Pattern Dwellers.
  • SCP-3068-A-63: An alien cyborg race named the "Children of the Satellite" which are under the control of the "Union of Earth". This race apparently worships a Pattern Screamer whose vengeance is described as "a constant of emotional perfection".
  • SCP-3790: A facility belonging to the Department of Abnormalities located underneath an abandoned Port Superior Canning Company warehouse in London. In Room Three of Level One there is nothing inside it and nor is it named. It is presumed that the room is connected to SCP-3930.
  • SCP-4180: A magazine which describes peculiar deep-sea phenomena as observed by divers, submersibles, submarines, autonomous surveillance drones, and fish-based optics. When someone reads it that person will experience hallucinations before going to sleep and experience nightmares always featuring a being present as a dark figure or as a watching presence. It is believed that these figures are Pattern Screamers.
  • SCP-4790: An anomaly centered around Alpha Centaury B star caused by a Pattern Screamer who destroyed an entire civilization of advanced humans, also known to the Foundation as the Priorihominus. The Priorihominus' destroyed ships then surrounded the star due the star's anomalous gravity with their final message telling anyone who came across to forget all of this in order to not manifest the Pattern Screamer. After the message was understood by the O5 Council, all of the researchers stationed near the star were transferred and administered amnestics.
  • SCP-4827: Anomalous phenomena happening to the crew of a four-member Research Task Force stationed aboard Observatory Site OS-13. These phenomena correspond to the scary stories told by the crew to each other, and are caused by a Pattern Screamer located in the nearest black hole who listened to the stories, eventually resulting in one of the crewmates to go mad and kill the rest of the crew.
  • SCP-4840: The ancient city of Audapaupadopolis. When people enter the antechamber of one of the city's temples, SCP-3930 is capable of speaking to them using their own voices.
  • SCP-5103: A machine created by advanced humans to keep their universe from dying by absorbing the energy of other universes. This serves as another origin of the Pattern Screamers, since it caused the Screamers' original universe to be destroyed and taking their existence away from them. When Junior Researcher Vera Calden tried to interact with the machine, her existence was also stripped away from her, becoming a Pattern Screamer and meeting alternate versions of herself who suffered the same fate.
  • SCP-5211: A group of 30 clones of Guy Fieri controlled by SCP-5211-GESTALT, an entity summoned by PoI-5211 from the Noosphere and contained within a mass of viscera in a shape of a torso. They were created with the help of a Pattern Screamer to help Chaos Insurgents during their missions by giving them food and medical assistance before the Foundation began using the clones for themselves.
  • SCP-5225: An artistic constructohazard that is biologically self-contained within an organically inaccessible region of the Noosphere, the human collective consciousness. This SCP could only be accessed by beings with technological origins, but biological beings can also access through artificial means. When someone enters the anomaly, that being becomes an Anchor of SCP-5225/Obelisk-Event which results in the creation of an environment stylized after the Anchor's artistic preference. SCP-5225 appears to be inhabited by some of the Pattern Screamers who are also stylized after an Anchor's artistic preference, since when MTF-Nu-π were sent to terminate A/Obelisk-Nu, previously D-4966 who was sent inside the anomaly for experimentation before creating her own Monolith, they encountered some entities who began screaming at them after A/Obelisk-Nu was terminated.
  • SCP-5682: A religious movement similar to various New Age and UFO religious movements known as the "Heavenly Manifold Temple" founded in 1961 by Josiah Thornettle, a Class-III ontokinetic human who spread the belief of a higher plane of existence inhabited by "angels" and the ability of people to ascend to this plane. Adherents could take a glimpse of this plane and the angels by taking anomalous drugs. It was eventually dissolved by the combined effort of the Foundation and the Unusual Incidents Unit, but during the raid Josiah, designated SCP-5682-α and then PoI-5682, escaped them by transcending to the higher plane, seemingly becoming an entity similar to the Pattern Screamers.
  • SCP-5990: The anomalous expansion of the human brain. Some of these expansions were caused by the Pattern Screamers in the Broken Masquerade universe.
  • SCP-6125-Ω: Seven metal pillars inscribed with a precursor language of the Daevic language located below the uninhabited island of Milneland, Greenland which serve as artificial Ways to different dimensions. Three of these pillars allowed the Foundation to go to three different dimensions which existed in the First Hytoth. These dimensions, which were named "Great Wastes", "Tumulus" and "Icarusium" each, served as former homes for the beings who would become the Pattern Screamers, but when STF-Rho-7 tried to explore Tumulus they were all wiped by the Screamers.
  • SCP-6225: A spatial anomaly Alleyway no.2345 in Hokasha, Thailand, which causes people who accidentally enter to end up in SCP-6225-KRONOS, an extraspatial desolate area resembling an alien desert, but it is indicated that it used to be some place located in Ukraine. When English writer Timothy Lewis Jones got lost within the area he encountered a Pattern Screamer which inhabited the spatial anomaly and ultimately killed Jones after chasing him for several days.
  • SCP-ES-199: A psychiatric hospital inhabited by humanoid animals who forcefully treat patients suffering from various mental illnesses. These inhabitants have had some encounters with the Pattern Screamers.

In Other Media

In Music

Dubstep artist Phiso released on October 2, 2019 a song based on the Pattern Screamers titled "Pattern Screamer".





  • It has been theorised due to the SCP-4373 story that the Pattern Screamers are no longer a threat to humanity, as the Shark Punching Center convinced them not to harm us after years of communicating with them. This is presumably why, despite their hatred towards the Foundation, the Pattern Screamers known as SCP-2528 elected to warn them about the Pattern, and also why SCP-2821-2 has not yet allowed the anomaly known as SCP-2821 to expand and possibly destroy humanity.
    • It has even been theorised that SCP-2821-2 is preventing the anomaly from expanding rather than causing it.
    • According to the 68% deleted version of SCP-3340, the Screamers are "non aggressive to humanity".
      • However, the very fact that the document is partially deleted shows that this is untrue, as the document states that it will only be deleted if the Screamers are deemed a threat.
  • Due to the detail that most of humanity was wiped out, it is likely that the attack by the Pattern Screamers described by SCP-1050 is the same genocide referred to by SCP-1795. It also possible that this also ties with SCP-2237 and SCP-2759/UE-54701 which are both about ancient advanced spacecrafts of human origin used by humanity's progenitors to escape their previous doomed worlds.
  • In the tale "Not a contest entry, but a crackfic about gods anyways" SCP-2845 thinks that the Pattern Screamers have a bad taste in music, especially compared to humans.
  • A Pattern Screamer came to be interviewed by Dr. Clef and repeatedly said that it hated him, but Clef deliberately ignored it throughout the interview.
  • It is hinted in "SCPoems" that the mysterious group or individuals known as Nobody are aware of the true nature of SCP-000.
  • It is possible that the malevolent infohazardous entity who killed most of the humanoid race and twisted their bodies in a form of "art" from SCP-3007 is a Pattern Screamer, since it killed the innocent humanoids after they became aware of it while travelling through space and spread the information regarding it among their people.
  • In SCP-4989, Dr. Simon Kells describes looking at the Scarlet King as being "like staring at a Pattern Screamer, only hollower".
  • In '"Scattersomnia": A Disease of the Wise and Drowsy Wanderers', Lampyra of the Serpent's Hand believes that SCP-3002 could be capable of stopping the influence of the Pattern Screamers on the human minds.
  • The Pattern Screamers bear strong resemblance to the Neverwere, a group of powerful non-existent beings plaguing the Ways, as the Wanderer's Library describe the Neverwere as beings resting outside of existence and wishing to exist. They also share similarities with the Syncope Symphony, a group of people who are slowly being erased from existence after the universe was reset by SCP-2000.
  • An instance of SCP-2305-A, a paper which describes failed attempts at neutralizing various anomalies, described an attempt at neutralizing SCP-1313, a math equation which causes a grizzly bear to teleport near the person working on the equation, by using SCP-𝕐. This causes all of the grizzly bears to cease existing, leaving them to become Pattern Screamers. Eventually, these Pattern Screamers are able to return to existence due to the population of Earth thinking about where the grizzly bears went, causing the new Pattern Screamers to destroy Earth.
  • SCP-2 was based on a glitch affecting The-Paranoid-Android, a bot in the r/SCP and r/DankMemesFromSite19 Reddit pages which links to any SCP whose number is mentioned in the comment section. This glitch caused the bot to link to a non-existent page titled SCP-2, but an author was then inspired to do an actual article about it based from SCP-000 and SCP-S.


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