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Being a lady means you have to lie. They say the truth will set you free. There is no freedom. Not for a lady. We have to smile pretty, and hide every flaw, and pretend to be someone you're not. Cause nobody really wants the truth. People don't wanna know who you really are, how you feel, what you've done. They say they do, but they just want the version of you that they think you are, cause the real you is too much and never enough. "Be the most you you can be", it's such bullsh*t. What if you're broken? What if you're so tired of faking it, that you feel sick? What if you're so angry, you're homicidal? What if you're me? This is who I am, America. And I'm not a f**king lady!
~ Patty's Miss American Lady speech.
Nothing tastes as good as killing feels.
~ Patty realizing she likes killing.

'Patty Bladell 'is the main protagonist villain of the Netflix original series Insatiable. She is a bullied teenager who later becomes skinny and starts competing in beauty pageants. 

She was portrayed by Debby Ryan, who also portrayed Steffani Howard in The Haunting Hour.


Season One

Patty tends to be relentless to people close to her. She was bullied for being obese but became thin after going on a liquid diet. Three months later after the homeless guy incident, she meets local civil rights lawyer and pageant coach Bob Armstrong, she competes in beauty pageants and seeks out revenge on her bullies. She is 17 years old until the episode "Banana Heart Banana", when she turns 18 years old. 

She starts her homicidal rampage by attempting to kidnap Roxy Buckley (who is the main contender) to prevent her from beating her at the Regionals pageant, only for Stella Rose-Buckley to kidnap her in retaliation. After Patty escaped from Roxy and Stella, she killed Christian Keene by bashing him in his face with a crowbar while rescuing Magnolia Barnard in the process. Patty then calls Bob for help and they push Christian's car into the lake to hide the evidence she killed him, despite this murder being self-defense. Finally, she confesses to Bob that she killed Christian, while she is still unsure that she actually killed Stella Rose-Buckley.

Season Two

After the events of the previous season, Patty and Bob are scrambling towards preparing to win the covetted Miss American Lady beauty pageant whilst also ensuring her criminal activity is as inconspicuous as possible, however Patty's murderous rampage from the previous season catches up with her. She then becomes obsessed with killing that she, and everyone she holds very dear get close to the truth in regards to Patty's wrathful and murderous nature. In the final episode "The Most You You Can Be", Patty's mother Angie Bladell, Nonnie, Magnolia, and Bob finally found out Patty has killed six people. She has won the pageant. In spite of these shocking revelations, Bob is framed once again for mass murder, by none other than his nemesis: Regina Sinclair (who shattered his reputation, being the infamous Pageant Killer, and kidnapping Dixie twice). As a result, Bob is arrested and after Patty visits him in jail, she promises him she'll kill Regina on his behalf.


Patty is a wrathful person who is very self-destructive, along with being just as destructive which affects everyone she holds very dear. However, she is far too honest for her own good. For example, she felt betrayed when Coralee was using Patty for her own selfish needs, which made Patty furious enough to sabotage her marriage to Bob by giving Stella Rose's necklace to Coralee as proof of their love affair, in addition to outing Bob's affair with Bob Barnard in public. The reason why that may be is because of her mother's drinking and being a sexual addict whilst ignoring her during her childhood, coupled with being bullied when she was overweight. As the show progresses, Patty's reign of terror is shown through her homicidal and psychotic behavior, also her eating habits represent hiding the truth. Finally, when it comes to her various romantic relationships; she is also irrational by rushing into them very quickly.

Villainous Acts

Season 1

  • Punching a homeless guy.
  • Tampering with and stealing police evidence.
  • Actively sabotaging Coralee Armstrong's relationship with Bob Armstrong.
  • Indirectly killing the homeless guy in a hospital coma.
  • Outing Bob's affair with Stella Rose-Buckley to Coralee.
  • Kissing Brick Armstrong in front of Magnolia Barnard.
  • Lied to Magnolia about her relationship with Brick.
  • Pushed Dixie Sinclair off a truck.
  • Dumped Dixie out of her wheelchair in a school assembly.
  • Outing Bob's and Bob Barnard's affair in public.
  • Attempted to kidnap Roxy Buckley to win Regionals.
  • Attempted to kill Stella after she kidnapped her out of spite for going after Roxy.
  • Killing Christian Keene by bashing him in his face with a crowbar repeatedly.
  • Sunk Christian's car into a lake to hide evidence.

Season 2

  • Buried a body.
  • Accidentally pushed Gordy off a hill.
  • Stole Gordy's phone and texts a fake suicide to cover up her crime.
  • Manipulated Magnolia into making her forget that she killed Christian.
  • Stole Christian's phone to withhold evidence.
  • Killed three drug dealers in her own house.
  • Killed Stella in her own bedroom.
  • Lied to Nonnie Thompson about Christian being alive and claiming he's still stalking her.
  • Accidentally dragged Stella's body across state lines from Georgia to Chicago.


I never should have thought because you were beautiful your outside matched your inside. Please, don't be the most you you can be. Because who you are is ugly.
~ Bob after Patty outs his affair.
Maybe I did deserve all the bad things that happened to me. Not because I was a loser, but because I was just bad.
~ Patty struggling with herself.
You think that makes you what, a hero? You're the villain.
~ Christian about Patty.
You pushed Dixie of a truck, you dumped her out of a wheelchair. You ruined Bob's life. You tried to kidnap Roxy. Face it, you're a bad person.
~ Christian before Patty kills him.
(I'm a good person)x 11.
~ Patty while repeatedly beating Christian with a crowbar.


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