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Paul Ashdale is a fictional character and major antagonist of the long-running ITV British soap opera Emmerdale.

He became the show's main antagonist from April 2020 up until April 2021 when he is axed and killed off in the latter year.

The character was portrayed by Reece Dinsdale, who also played Joe McIntyre in Coronation Street.


Paul Ashdale was born on 9th May 1969; over the years he met Mandy Dingle and they concieved a son whom they named Vinny.

A decade and a half later in 2020, Paul turned up in Emmerdale village where Mandy and Vinny were residing with the Dingle Family. He thereupon sought to reconcile with them, but Mandy initially distrusted him because of his gambling problems. They apparently reconcile after Paul manages to woo Mandy back into having a relationship with him. However, he secrectly resumes his gambling addiction in order to sort out his debts. When Vinny discovers the truth and confronts his father about it, Paul gets physical and hits him.

Soon enough, Paul begins to physically abuse Vinny over the course of his wedding preparations to Mandy. A few days before the event Vinny's girlfriend Liv Flatery learns the truth and confronts him on the day of the wedding. Paul attacks Liv and she struggles to fight him off when a van, driven by local resident Jimmy King, suddenly crashes onto them - Paul gets trapped in the wreckage. Liv attempts to rescue Paul by lifting up the wreckage, but she isn't too strong to lift up the entire wreckage and continues trying to no avail. When Paul curses at her, Liv decides to leave him to die in an explosion after confronting him for abusing Vinny and deeming him a bad father.

In the end, the explosion renders both Liv and Paul unconcious; they are rushed to hospital along with Jimmy, as well as Vinny due to the latter being found unconcious from the abuse Paul inflicted upon him. Although Vinny and Liv survive with Jimmy in the end, Paul sccumbs to his injuries and dies in front of a devastated Mandy. Later on she informs Vinny about this, but soon discovers the truth about Paul's nature and Vinny's ordeal. After his funeral, Paul is disgraced by the Dingles for what he put them through.


  • He made a total of 2495 appearances throughout his time on the show.