Paul Atishon

Paul Atishon-Wimperson, or simply Paul Atishon, is a politician and the main antagonist of the first half of "Turnabout Revolution" of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice. He ran for a position of assemblyman of Kurain Village, riding off the success of his grandfather, Abe Atishon, who was a prominent politician in congress.

He was the plaintiff in a civil law suit against Dhurke Sahdmadhi, over the rightful owner of the relic known as "The Founder's Orb" / "The Crystal of Ami Fey". He was also the one who murdered Archie Buff, a fact that was exposed during the civil trial by Apollo Justice. Due to this he was arrested and stripped of his electoral win.


Paul embodies all of the characteristics of a "model politician", with a self-assured ego. He avoids answering questions, instead side-stepping them to push his political agendas or answering with a one word "no" or "yes", before walking away. He is incredibly self-centered and vain, and he looks down upon others, even referring to them as "peasants". He only heard what he wanted to hear - his campaigning often results in the upset of the locals. However, when they shout complaints and anger his way, he simply warps it into something complimentary and appreciative. In order to make sure his election goes his way he was willing to resort to buying votes, as well as blackmail, coercion, and murder.



  • "Paul Atishon" is a play on "politician".
  • When he has been proven as Archie Buff's murderer, one of the things that Paul says in desperation is "I am not a crook". This is a reference to the infamous words spoken by Richard Nixon.
  • Due to the topically relevant nature of Paul Atishon's character when the game was released in America in September 2016, many western fans have nicknamed Paul as "Donald Trump". Particularly noting a masquerade of similarities that exist between the two, including but not limited to both of their hair styles being a point of a common ridicule. It also happened to be topical to Japan at the time as well, due to various political scandals that broke around that time.
  • His grandfather's full first name, Abraham, comes from former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. His more common name, Abe, is probably a reference to current Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe.
  • His nicknames are "Lord of Plebs" and "Little Snot".


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