Paul Barish

Paul Barish

Paul Barish is the main antagonist of the 1995 comedy movie Tommy Boy.

He was portrayed by Rob Lowe.


In the beginning of the film, Paul was described of being the son of Beverly Barish-Burns and becoming the stepbrother of the main protagonist Tommy Callahan since Beverly was getting married to Tommy's father who was the wealthy owner of Callahan Auto's Brake Pads. However, Tommy's father died of a heart attack during the wedding reception, and it was later revealed that Beverly and Paul are married Con-artists with criminal records. On the road Tommy and Richard were able to make their sale goals even though they had trouble in the beginning and mend their friendship.

However, Paul hacked and sabotaged the company computer systems and caused sales to be lost or rerouted which caused customers to cancel orders. Paul and Beverly backed the bank which then decides to sell the company to Zalinsky.

However, Tommy, Paul, and Tommy's girlfriend Michelle arrived at the Zalinsky board room where they have Paul's outstanding warrants for fraud. Paul attempted to escaped but was eventually arrested by the police.

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