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Paul Clayton in a fictional character and major protagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He appeared as one of the major characters in between 2000 and 2001 before reappearing as a supporting antagonist in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

He was portrayed by Lee Booth in 2000-2001 and later on by Tom Hudson in 2007-2008.

Early Life

In 1986, Paul Clayton was born by his mother Andrea Clayton from her relationship with nefarious crook Terry Duckworth - also Paul's illegitimate father. A year earlier Terry began a relationship with Andrea and got her pregnant. While Terry was willing to stand by Andrea and support the baby the Claytons wanted nothing to do with the Duckworths and fled the street. A few years later Terry's dad Jack bumped into Andrea's dad Harry who told him in no uncertain terms the Duckworths would never be allowed to see Paul. In order to spare his wife Vera's feelings Jack told her Paul had been given up for adoption.

In 2000 Andrea turned up to talk to Jack and Vera as Paul needed a kidney transplant and his best hope of survival was for Terry to be the doner. Jack tracked Terry down but he refused to help as Paul meant nothing to him and there was nothing in it for him. To stop Vera from doing it Jack offered Terry money to do it. Terry agreed but chickened out at the last minute and left Vera to donate her kidney instead. In the end both Paul and Vera were okay. Andrea was very grateful to Vera and the Duckworths were allowed to see Paul more often.

Coronation Street

Paul arrived in the street, seemingly to help Vera due to her poor health but in reality because he had been sacked by his employer for sleeping with his wife. Paul got a job at a restaurant owned by local resident Leanne Battersby, later buying a share in the place by taking a loan out in Jack's name. Paul helped himself to Jack's money which led to a misunderstanding where the Duckworths suspected their lodger Tyrone Dobbs. Eventually Paul confesses the truth to Jack, who covered for him to Vera.

Soon enough Paul began to fall for Leanne and was oblivious to the fact she was using him. He was manipulated into burning down her restaurant to get her the insurance money, as Leanne and her friend Dan Mason planned to hang him out to dry and leave him to serve two years in prison. Jack offered him money to stay but Paul chose to fled the country. However Paul lef the money behind. With this one act Paul showed Jack he was a much better person than Terry.



  • He made a total of 111 appearances during his time on the show.