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We're not working with a trash-talking clown.
~ Donovan mocking Xander.

Paul Donovan is the secondary antagonist of the 2017 action-adventure film xXx: Return of Xander Cage. He is a corrupt CIA agent, leader of a special tactical elimination unit and Jane Marke’s second-in-command.

He was portrayed by Tony Gonzalez.


Despite that he claimed that Cage is a trash-talking egotist, Donovan himself is an egotistical, dark, cold and violent man with immeasurable desire to kill Cage after the time he threw him and his team out of the plane.

He enjoys attempting to kill him at all costs, but he is completely bent to the will of his employer; Jane Marke, after which he follows her entire orders.


Meeting Xander Cage

Right away that Xander Cage had been recruited by Jane Marke, Donovan met Cage upon the CIA airbus plane, and taunted him for being too much extreme athlete and and claimed that he is egotist.

But as he was attached to work with him, Xander, in response, rejected Donovan and his team and threw them out of the airplane, possibly killing them.

True Colors

After Marke was revealed to be the real mastermind behind the entire conspiracy and after that Cage and Xiang's teams joined forces to retrieve the Pandora's Box from the hands of Director Anderson, Donovan revealed himself and his team to be alive, again on the airplane of the CIA. This time, he received a new task to kill Cage and Xiang as well as their teams.

Final Fight and Death

Upon the airplane, Donovan equipped himself with empowered powerful mechanical gloves, and fought with Cage. And after a lengthy harsh fight, Cage gained the upper hand, and defeated and finally killed Donovan as he released him from the airplane by turning off the anti-gravity mode.



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