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Ladies and Gentlemen... My name is Paul Heyman! And I'm the advocate for the reigning... defending... undisputed... undefeated... Universal Champion! Broooock Lesnar!
~ Heyman's introduction at the time Brock Lesnar was Universal Champion.

Paul Heyman (also known as Paul E. Dangerously) is an American professional wrestling manager, promoter and broadcaster.

In character, Heyman is a villainous manager who is currently on Monday Night RAW. Heyman was the embodiment of ECW in the 90s into the 2000s and currently managing WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. In addition, he is also the executive producer of WWE Monday Night RAW since 2019.


The Mad Scientist behind Extreme Championship Wrestling, Heyman got his start in wrestling in 1987 as a manager on the Northeast independent circuit before gaining more exposure with the NWA-affiliated Championship Wrestling from Florida, followed by stints with the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis, the American Wrestling Association and Alabama-based Continental Championship Wrestling before landing a high-profile spot as a manager and color commentator with the then-NWA affiliate World Championship Wrestling in 1988. After being fired from WCW in 1993, he jumped to ECW and later bought the company from founder Tod Gordon. Throughout his career into the present, Heyman made his mark in wrestling as a loudmouthed, obnoxious and highly opinionated manager and TV color commentator wherever he has appeared.

Since 2001, Heyman has spent the majority of his recent career as a recurring antagonist in WWE. He was responsible for bringing into WWE Brock Lesnar, who single handedly destroyed four superstars in a hardcore match by himself. Heyman was also one of the front runners of the Invasion storyline between WWE (then the WWF) vs. WCW and ECW in 2001 following the collapse of ECW and WWE's acquisition of the trademarks and assets of WCW (though not the promotion itself). Recently, he has returned as Brock Lesnar's legal advisor, and most recently the manager of the once extremely popular WWE Champion CM Punk and his new client, Curtis Axel. Heyman has now even appointed Ryback has his new client as Ryback helped Heyman get a victory over his old client CM Punk.

Heyman is shown to be skilled at using any weapons, but is a sub-par hand-to-hand combatant, since he doesn't have enough physique to withstand any attack of any wrestler (such as Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music or CM Punk throwing him down to the cage when he won the Hell in a Cell match against Ryback). Because of this, Heyman relies only on weapons (he once carried a kendo stick, a metal chair, etc).

Heyman is also a coward, having begging the Undertaker for mercy before being attacked, but was interrupted at Lesnar coming to brawl him, (though Lesnar swears that he will kill the Undertaker, burning a feud between the two, results to Lesnar's arrest for assaulting the Undertaker.)



  • Paul Heyman is among various villainous valets (professional wrestling term for manager) such as Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Vickie Guerrero, Mr. Fuji, Paul Bearer, Sensational Sherrie Martel, and Jim Cornette.
  • Paul's facial appearance bares resemblance to the late English director, Alfred Hitchcock.
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