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Paul Hunt is one of the main antagonists of the Doctor Who audio drama spin-off Cyberman. While initially human, Hunt was turned into the Cybermen's willing proxy, a "Cybrid", and was used as the public face of the Scorpius project. 



Paul Hunt was once part of the "Scorpius project", as weapons and strategic consultant, which was a drastic solution to win the Orion War against the Android Horde. He formed a relationship with Samantha Thorne, completely unaware she was an Android spy. In the early hours of the morning, Hunt received a phone call that simply said "Scorpius". Leaving Samantha, believing he may not see her again, Hunt went to the car outside, and was driven to the Isle of Wight. Meeting with Vice Admiral Charles Hendry, he discovered a Cyberman ship had been uncovered 30 fathoms down in the ocean.

Becoming a "Cybrid"

After discovering there were actual Cybermen aboard, everything went wrong when they revived. Hunt and the others was captured for conversion, but Hunt's strong will enabled him to escape. The horrified Hunt tried to warn Earth President Levison, urging him to shut down the Scorpius Project. However, he was recaptured, and the Cyber-Planner told him they had let him send the message through, so the President would believe Scorpius was shut down, until his replacement. Hunt scoffed at the idea of 'replacing' a President, and the Cyber-Planner revealed he would be physically and mentally modified to act as their agent. Hunt was coverted into a hybrid creature, with his emotions removed, and his mind programmed to serve the Cybermen. While his personality was retained, he was devoted to propagate the full conversion of humanity. 

Karen's Aid


Executive in Chief



  • While the Cybermen have had human collaborators before, Paul Hunt is the first to be an unwilling ally. His modification by the Cybermen is the opposite to Tobias Vaughn, while Vaughn's body was converted, retaining his independent mind, Hunt's mind is purged of emotion, while seemingly human.
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