Paul Seatta was the main antagonist of the comic book Back to Brooklyn. He was the crime lord behind a gang in the Brooklyn. He participated in snuff filming of children with the assistance of Penny Seatta and Churchill. He wanted to kill his brother, Bob Seatta, for turning against him and going to the police.


Paul was prideful in himself and his gang and wanted to continue his criminal activities. When Bob turned against him, Paul wanted vengeance against him and would send his men to go after him. Paul lost respect for his brother when he realized he worked for the police. Paul would not pursue Bob on his own term and would prefer to send his men after him. Paul was extremely sadistic as he would prey on children and would film himself raping and killing them. He expressed no remorse for his actions but was angry at Bob for turning against him and was willing to kill him. Despite his cruelty, he did express care for his mother and wanted her to be safe.


Paul became a leader of his own gang. He had connection to mobsters who would supply him with children. He raped and murdered the children and created snuff films. He would work with Penny to carry out and commit his crimes. Because of his criminal activities, Bob turned against him and cooperated with the police. Paul took Penny and their son, Michael, with him during this time.

Paul was first seen having sex with a prostitute and had to answer a call from his mom. He then got information from one of his men about Bob. He later organized his men to deal with the situation and called in Churchill to go handle the situation with Bob and to locate him. Paul later got a phone call from Bob telling him that to tell Churchill to meet him near the old fairground. After Bob was able to kill Churchill, Bob and Maggie managed to sneak into the house where Paul, Penny, and Michael were in. Bob and Maggie confronts them and was shocked to find out that Penny sided with Paul and helped him in the snuff films. When Bob killed Penny, Paul got into a heated battle with his brother and proceeded to beat each other viciously. Paul mocked Bob for his standards and for standing against him. However as the battle continued, Bob was able to overwhelm Paul. Paul told Bob that he should take care of their mother before, he died from his injuries.

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