"Peter" Paul Spector, better known as Paul Spector, is the protagonist villain of the TV Series The Fall. He initially appears as a normal family man, but at the end of the first episode he is revealed to be a serial killer who had already murdered two women before the arrival of his nemesis Stella Gibson.

Early Life

After his mother committed suicide, he was sent to an orphanage run by a priest who was later tried for pedophilia. Spector tells Stella Gibson that, when he was an eleven year old in an orphanage, he avoided washing to have a repulsive look. During college years, he had the first sexual relationship with aggression. How told by Rose Stagg, Paul "wanted to see what it feels like to go beyond the limit."

It is not known when he met his wife, or if his feelings for her are genuine or is merely a cover (not being Sally Ann physically as Paul's victims). At one point he took a degree in psychology and works at a counseling center.

Physical Appearance

Paul is a man with a muscular and sinuous physique, athletic and agile due to hours spent in training so grueling and the past career in the army. His face is well done, with reddish hair and a beard of the same color. The eyes are icy and not leaked any emotion. Often wears sweaters and shirts, with pants instead of jeans fabric except when "hunting" in this case wearing racing suits black in color, a hood and a balaclava. Judging by the nickname applied to him by Katie's friend - Mr. Python - Paul probably has a large penis.