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Paul the Penguin is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "Pins, Spins, and Fins". He is a misogynistic anthropomorphic penguin, who beats his wife. He was crushed by the guilt of who he was and killed himself.


In "Pins, Spins, & Fins", Cleveland was amazed at Tim's strength, after seeing him rip the doors off of Funky Junction. He then considered befriending a strong animal in the future. He narrowed his decisions down to another bear, an ox, or a really strong penguin.

After hearing Cleveland suggest the latter, Tim warned him that this was a huge mistake, as penguins were horrible animals. He then described them all as cheap, misogynistic, slobs. The screen then panned over to an anthropomorphic penguin, named Paul, who had apparently overheard everything that he just said.

Paul accepted this as true about him and he hung his head in sadness, and slowly waddled away. As he did, a narration played, describing Paul's fate. He explained that Paul went home, emptied his bank account, slapped his wife, and shot himself. He then notes that Paul was his best friend.


Paul the Penguin supposedly portrays an Adélie penguin. He is a black penguin with a white belly. He has an orange beak and gray feet. Paul's beak and feet colors don't match the colors of the real life penguin he represents. Although giving orange beaks to birds is a common use of the "Amazing Technicolor Wildlife" trope, his gray feet are notably contradictory of the real-life Adélie penguin's light pinkish feet.


Paul the Penguin is accurately described as a stingy cheapskate, a sexist misogynist, and a slovenly slob. He wastes his money and consistently abuses his wife. However, nothing has been done to prove that he is a slob. He is full aware of the kind of person he is, and does not even try to deny it. He is very easily emotionally manipulated, being driven to suicide, just by hearing Tim trash-talk him.


  • The narrator, who described Paul's fate is meant to parody Morgan Freeman, specifically referencing to his role as the narrator of "March of the Penguins".


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