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Paulie Lombardo is the deuteragonist of the crime game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, and its remake Mafia: Definitive Edition. He is a member of the Salieri Crime Family and the best friend of protagonist Tommy Angelo.

He was voiced by William DeMeo in the original game and Jeremy Luke in the remake.


Paulie and his friend Sam first met Tommy Angelo when on the run from mobsters working for rival Don Morello. Tommy worked as a mere cab driver at this point in his life, and Paulie and Sam forced him at gunpoint to help them escape. Tommy succeeded and the pair got him to drop them off at Salieri's bar, with a grateful Sam saying that Tommy can come to them for a favour anytime in return for his help, and also gave him money for his damaged cab.

The following day Tommy comes for help when chased down by the two mobsters that tried to murder Paulie and Sam the night before. After dealing with them, Sam and Paulie introduce Tommy to Don Salieri, and Paulie aids Tommy in destroying the Morello mobsters vehicles at their bar in revenge. Tommy is later welcomed into the family.

Throughout the course of the 1930s Paulie worked with Tommy and Sam in aiding the family taking over Lost Heaven, which they succeeded after killing Don Morello. Despite the Salieri crime family coming on top, Paulie felt dissatisfied with the progression that he was making and planned to make a lot of money on the side. He tried to get Tommy and Sam to agree to robbing a bank, but they backed out due to worry about Don Salieri's reaction, which Paulie initially agreed to. But after finding out that Don Saleri was keeping a secret from them about smuggling in diamonds after making them do a risky job, Tommy agreed to help Paulie, although they decided not to tell Sam due to his extreme loyalty to the family.

Paulie and Tommy rob a bank in Lost Heaven which is a success. Unfortunately, Salieri finds out about the unauthorised job and puts out a hit on Paulie and Tommy for their betrayal. Paulie is assassinated by Sam at his apartment, and Sam proceeds to take the money. Tommy discovers the body and realizes that the game is set up. He is lured to an art museum by Sam under the pretense that he is trying to help, before Sam revealing his true colours and nearly coming close to killing Tommy. He manages to kill off Sam's goons before catching up to Sam and finishing him off, avenging Paulie's death.


Paulie's storyline is similar in the remake, although with an expansion to flesh out the character and he is portrayed in a more tragic and sympathetic role. By the time Tommy becomes involved with the Salieri crime family, Paulie has been serving the family for a decade along with Sam Trapani. Frank reveals to Tommy that Paulie, despite being good in a fight, lacks any sort of common sense and intelligence. Paulie is shown to be dependent on alcohol and has trouble finding women, a contrast to Sam who is a ladies man. Over the course of the campaign, Tommy, Sam and other soldiers manage to rise to the rank of capo, whereas Paulie remains lower ranking than them.

Like the original game Paulie assists Tommy on several jobs along with Sam. In 1938 Paulie grows tired of the mob life and realise he hasn't much to show for his dedication, and decides he wants out. He plans the bank robbery with Tommy and wants to use the money to get away and open up a pizzeria. Tommy agrees to go on the job after they discover that Salieri got them to steal dope off the law enforcement, despite claiming it was a shipment of diamonds. They rob the bank together successfully, but when Tommy goes to see Paulie the next morning he finds that he has been killed.


  • In the remake during the 1938 portion of the storyline, Paulie reveals that he is nearing 40 years old.


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