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Who cares about some dead chick when you could've owned the world!
~ To Jackie Estacado, about how he killed his girlfriend just to break him

Paulie Franchetti, more commonly known as Uncle Paulie, is a major villain and one of the primary antagonists in the Top Cow comic book series The Darkness, as well as the first installment in The Darkness video game series. He is the nemesis, provoker, and corrupt uncle of the anti-heroic protagonist Jackie Estacado, who became the host of the evil entity known as The Darkness by fate, and uses it to kill Paulie


Comic series

Paulie Franchetti was the cousin of Frankie Franchetti and after his death decides to take over the family buisness and later and on go one to antagonize Jackie. He would evnetually blackmail him about threatening his sister. Jacike would later encounter Paulie again and this time Jackie killed him for good.

Video game

Paulie appears as the main antagonist of the video game The Darkness based on the comic book series of the same name. In this game Paule is mixed with Frankie as the one of who killed Jenny Romano, and thus Jackie becomes the wielder of an evil entity known as The Darkness to take revenge on Paulie for killing his girlfriend. During the ending of the game Jackie finally confronts Paulie and kills him to take revenge, at the cost of letting The Darkness fully consume him.

Psychological description

Paranoia of his nephew Jackie Estacado led to him becoming more of an extremist in order to attain dominance over Jackie. His desperate attempts to attain power may stem from the fact that deep down, he is a coward, and in order to compensate for that, he becomes an evil, sadistic, ruthless and unforgiving crime lord who will do anything for more power, and anything to keep himself in power. Any person he deems a threat will be eliminated, and thus, he has people do contract killings for him as a normal part of his life, and smuggles drugs, money, and firearms to gain followers. His henchmen are there to do what Paulie tells them to do, and them and his right-hand Eddie Shrote enforce Paulie's evil wishes. Paulie too, has commited many crimes while manipulating his henchmen, such as leaving psychological scars on Jackie when he killed his girlfriend right in front of him when he came to rescue her, and blowing up his Jackie's childhood home.

Overall, he is an arrogant psychopathic obese mobster, with many armed men working for him, having gone deep into the criminal underground. While his henchmen and hitmen perform many homicides for him, Paulie is more of a non-action mobster with many resources at his disposal. He is a very dangerous man, as the only reason Jackie survived his plot was because of The Darkness being within him. All the things he did to Jackie successfully led to Jackie becoming overwhelmed with vengeance and difficulty controlling The Darkness, making Jackie an anti-hero who killed Paulie out of revenge and wrath as a personal vendetta. Typical for a coward, he feared death, and would also do anything to get himself out of a deadly situation, as shown when Jackie eventually cornered him, and finally killed him.

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