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Paulina Von Eckberg is an evil vampire and the main antagonist in the Nickelodeon film The Boy Who Cried Werewolf.


Many years ago, a war was lead between vampires and werewolves; The werewolves won and Wolfberg country became their sacred land.

Before the movie, Paulina killed the werewolves leader, "The Wolfberg Beast", a legendary werewolf that protects the Romanian town of Wolfberg. The beast turns out to be Dragomir Ducovic, who's will states his castle will go to his great niece and nephew Jordan and Hunter Sands. Which will relieve their financial woes.

When they go to Romania with their widower father, David, who contemplates selling the property, but when Paulina poses as a real estate agent, tries to talk him out of it and asks to talk about it over a date.

During there visit, Jordan, looks through Dragomir's laboratory and breaks a vial containing LB-217. Jordan's allergies go way and her confidence boosts, and she becomes more playful, and takes a love for meat. Hunter realizes his sister is a werewolf, and LB-217 is werewolf blood. Hunter calls upon his friends and they tell him that he might have to kill Jordan. Jordan and Hunter learn from Madame Varcolac, the house keeper who tells them of the castle's history. Jordan offers to be the new beast but is told that only a bloodline werewolf can take the mantel.

Hunter and Jordan collect werewolf cure ingredients, and Paulina is revealed to be a vampire, she nonchalantly reveals that she killed Dragomir and Jordan is next. Soon after Paulina captures David, Jordan and Hunter in the graveyard, and plans to kills Jordan with a silver bullet, but Hunter unexpectedly transforms into a werewolf, and it's revealed he is the next werewolf in the bloodline. Hunter fight's Paulina before she flees and Jordan escapes. The vampires are relentless in their plan and continue to fight in the graveyard. As the sun begins to rise the vampires start to vaporize, and Jordan shoves Paulina directly into the sunlight, seemingly destroying her.

At the end of the movie, it's revealed Paulina was simply injured, and when the Sands move back to their old neighborhood, Paulina arrives next door in a body cast.


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