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Paulo Guerra is the main antagonist of Time Crisis: Razing Storm.



S.C.A.R., or Strategic Combat and Rescue, is sent to find and assassinate Paulo Guerra, a South American terrorist leader who had masterminded an attack on the United States. At the end, the group fires an attack satellite on Guerra's headquarters, destroying it.


This mode reveals that Paulo Guerra had survived his previous battle against S.C.A.R. even though the satellite had destroyed his headquarters. At the start of the game, he is first seen laughing evilly, and soon he is freed from his prison cell by his own men. Guerra's speeches are also heard on TV as the player fights his way through the city. He later kills the President and then demands that all American forces leave the city or he will have to use a nuclear bomb. The group races to Almada Penitentiary, only to find that he had fled. However, the group finds that he had revealed his new position after he had fled. The group soon rejoin and band together at Girasol Factory, and there, they begin a final assault on Guerra's forces. The group's leaders, Casey and King, confront Guerra personally, and they find that he had rigged one of their allies, Hunt. Guerra then attaches himself to a large robotic armour, then battles the troops. The group manages to open the hatches, then equips a sniper rifle and fires at the cockpit, piercing through the weak barrier and killing Guerra instantly with a headshot.


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