Pazuzu is a demon in service to Atun and a minor antagonist in the Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman OVA.


At some point in the past Pazuzu had an encounter with Amon that left Pazuzu with a grudge against the Demon Hero.

Pazuzu made his entrance onto Earth by possessing a clerk at a convenience store. Soon after, he met with n/Devlman as he was flying t and thanked her for giving him the opportunity to fight Amon.

While the other demons headed off to meet with Atun, Pazuzu chose to stay behind to fight Amon/Devlman. The two initially engage in a dogfight in the air before landing on the ground and continuing their fight there. Pazuzu attempted to sting Devilman with his scorpion tail, but the demon hunter grabbed it and used it to slam him to the ground. Pazuzu responded by strangling Devilman, but Devilman soon managed to overpower Pazuzu and tear his wings off before knocking him off a cliff.

Pazuzu then flew down and bisected Pazuzu in half as he was falling, killing the demon.

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