Peace Monger was a Marvel supervillain and an enemy of American Eagle and the US Agent - he was also a mutant who had the ability to feed off people's hatred and convert it into raw physical power.

Peace Monger often took the guise of Dr. Talmadge Cobbleskill and pretended to be a Rights Activist in order to manipulate people into hatred, which he would then feed off - each time he tried however he was defeated either by the efforts of American Eagle or the US Agent.

Peace Monger was willing to exploit some of humanity's most base fears against them and pit different races against one another for the sole purpose of feeding off their collective hatred - however his power was very easy to break as even a crowd's emotional change from "hate" to "betrayal and confusion" was enough to strip him off his power.

Peace Monger was also part of a fight with US Agent that remains somewhat confusing to this day in which he was overcome by the US Agent due to Agent being "beyond hate" - this logic continues to confuse many as US Agent is not known to be a particularly nice person (though he's still a hero).. at any rate, that's comic books for you..