Peacong is one of the Warrior Beasts and an antagonist in the Great Mazinger anime, only appearing in the episode "A Fierce Fight! Kenzo Kabuto vs. The Dark General!!".


Peacong was sent to the city, so that he could destroy the place with his powerful rockets. The Great Mazinger came to take part in a violent struggle and encountered Peacong. However, it was a trap that Gironian was waiting to take a dangerous action against the Great Mazinger, causing to prevent him with his adhesive substance.

Peacong then attacked the Great Mazinger with his electromagnetic lightnings, causing the Great Mazinger's tools to fail to function normally and almost injuring Tetsuya by an electric shock.

It is fortunate that Venus A put an end to the existence of Peacong's electromagnetic feathers by damaging them with her Oppai Missiles, freeing the Great Mazinger to deal with Gironian. Peacong attempted to ram Venus in a potentially self-destructive attack, but Venus used her Koshiryoku Beam to destroy Peacong's head and then the remains of his body.


Peacong is an avian Warrior Beast that resembles a large blue peacock. He has a sharp yellow beak, two light gray horns like a bull, a large lavender dorsal fin going down his back, a flock of feathers like a peacock on his back, a pair of short dark tan arms, and two pronged dark tan legs. He also has a true face located on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Peacong is capable of flight with its wings and rockets on its back. He has an ability to discharge electromagnetic lightning bolts from his tail feathers, allowing him to interfere with the systems of robotic enemies. There are special armor on the feathers, so they can keep them from being damaged. However, when damaged in the right area can destroy himself.


  • Peacong is one of the few Warrior Beasts to not be destroyed by the Great Mazinger. Instead, Venus A was the only one to do so.
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